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2 disadvantages of getting a custom ring from a store that offers all types of jewelry:


1.) A store that sells $100 Mother’s Day necklaces, Pearl earrings and other mass-manufactured jewelry likely isn’t going to be able to provide the same level of service as a design studio that ONLY creates diamond rings.

In most stores that generalize their product offering, they could be serving a client who is looking for a $159 gift, and then be expected to transition into talking about a $20,000 2ct diamond ring.

Vanessa Nicole Jewels solely specializes in custom engagement rings and matching wedding bands. All the rings start at $8,000 and go up from there depending on the quality and size of the center diamond.

There is specialized knowledge required for diamond rings that are 1ct and above. This is a significant purchase for you, so you really want to make sure you are working with an expert who can offer the right advice in order to get that jaw-dropping “WOW!!!” reaction upon opening the ring box.

High quality engagement rings need to be produced in a different way than mass-manufactured jewelry.  There are fine nuances that differentiate a cheap looking engagement ring from a high-quality one that she can’t stop staring at. 

Even when it comes to a (seemingly) simple solitaire ring… 

What will make it unique from typical solitaires is the streamlined design of the shank, the carefully shaped claw prongs, and the finger-to-height proportion for practical, every day wear. Even though solitaires are “simple looking”, there are clunky & ugly solitaires or elegant & sleek solitaires.  

I go for the latter… THAT is what will produce the “WOW” factor for a ring she is excited to show her friends & family.


2.) You likely will not have one point person to communicate with at a store that offers all types of jewelry. 

You may call or email with questions but the person you previously spoke with is off that week. So you’ll speak with someone who doesn’t know the specifics about your job. Of course they will say, “Let me get back to you,” but there is a high potential for miscommunication. 

One of the people I went to high school with recently got a job at a well known jewelry brand six months ago as a sales clerk. She had no prior experience in jewelry. She started posting all the rings available for sale on Facebook as though she was an expert… six months after starting her job, she now works in HR at a payroll service company.  This is what happens when you are working with a salesperson – they really have no experience with what it takes to make a truly spectacular ring that will last forever. They are simply pushing sales until they move onto their next job.

At Vanessa Nicole jewels, we eliminate this risk. As someone who’s been in the industry since 2001, I am the only person who will communicate with you about your project, and not only that, I’m the one who actually makes your ring as well. As owner of the company, I have a level of accountability to make clients 100% happy.  And to date, we have a 5 star client rating on every review site.


How This Benefits You…

If you ask whether or not we can design something particular on your ring, I know right away if we can do that. If you’re talking with someone who isn’t making the ring, they don’t know if your request will compromise the structural integrity of the ring, or if there are other beautiful alternatives for you to consider. 

Furthermore, I only take on 8 to 10 clients each month, so once you become a client, I know right off the top of my head everything about your ring when you reach out.  Yes, I have a team who takes care of other aspects of the business, but when it comes to taking care of my clients, NO ONE touches that aspect because my #1 priority is making sure you have a flawless experience.

If these benefits are of value to you, feel free to reach out to the studio here:  Contact Vanessa

I look forward to collaborating with you on her dream engagement ring!

Vanessa Nicole