7 Reasons Custom Designed Engagement Rings Are Better!

Custom designed engagement rings are unique from conventional store-bought jewelry in so many ways.

If you want to dazzle your woman with the ring of her dreams, then you need to think beyond the jewelry shop at the mall. Having your engagement ring custom-made – just for her – gives you control over how beautiful the ring is, and it will make the “Yes!” moment so much more special.

7 Reasons to Go Custom

Reason #1:

You choose the look

When buying custom-designed engagement rings, there’s no browsing long jewelry cases, letting pushy salespeople tell you what to choose for your girl. You have total say over how the ring is designed, so you can get exactly what you want.

Reason #2:

Expert advice from a skilled designer

What if you don’t know what kind of ring your girl wants? You have a knowledgeable ring designer to provide expert advice and suggestions – rather than a salesman who simply wants to earn the fastest commission possible.

Reason #3:

Truly one of a kind custom designed engagement rings

Custom-designed engagement rings are truly unique – unlike the rings found at most jewelry stores, which are often mass-produced overseas. When you have your ring custom-made, you can be sure there are no others quite like it, anywhere in the world.

Reason #4:

Just for her

Because the ring is one of a kind, that means no other women have it. It’s made just for your girl. Meanwhile, a ring you find in a typical jewelry store is just an exact copy of a design that could be worn by thousands of other women. Can you imagine how she’d feel if you accidentally bought her the same exact ring that one of her friends has?

Reason #5:

Higher quality

The reason why most jewelry is produced overseas is because the big manufacturers want to save as much money on labor costs as possible. Workers are employed at the lowest rates possible to churn out rings as quickly and as cheaply as possible. As a result, the quality suffers. Custom-designed engagement rings (Related News), however, receive meticulous attention to detail by an experienced designer who is committed to the highest quality standards.

Reason #6:

No pressure

Many guys dread shopping for engagement rings. A big reason for this is that they know they have to deal with aggressive salespeople who will try to make a sale happen as fast as they can. When dealing with a designer, there is no middle man trying to earn a commission. This removes pressure and anxiety from the situation and makes the experience of buying her dream ring far more enjoyable.

Reason #7:

She’ll love the thought and effort you put into it

When you finally pop the question, your partner will love knowing that her ring was made specially for her, and that you played a major role in how it was designed. This alone makes the ring infinitely more special than anything you’d find in a traditional jewelry shop.

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Custom Designed Engagement Rings Are So Much More Special!

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