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Andy and Sarah Client Review

Andy & Sarah’s Engagement RingOval Three Stone Ring


Vanessa made buying an engagement ring as painless a process as possible. She helped every step of the way and had amazing communication despite the fact that I work overnights and was busy traveling during the first half of the process.


Andy’s Thoughts on the Vanessa Nicole Experience


Once I had a general idea in mind, she came up with some photos to help me decide on the main stone.

Once I gave her a shape and a budget, she chose some fantastic diamonds for me to select from. At that point I paid for the ring and she made a computer model so I would know what I was getting and a week or 2 later, the ring was made and ready.

She communicated exceedingly quickly throughout the process and got things done in a timely manner despite me presenting her with a bit of a time crunch during the holidays based on the day I wanted to propose. There were a couple small snags in the process that she quickly remedied.

As for the end product, my fiancée loved the ring and I have received a compliment on the ring with every congratulations.

– Andy Scott

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