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Antique Diamond Rings vs. Custom-Made

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Antique Diamond Rings vs. Custom-Made


What To Consider

Gentleman Doing Research On Laptop On The Phrase Antique Diamond Rings.Antique diamond rings offer unique character and intricate detailing that you simply won’t find at your local mall jewelers. This is why many men choose antiques as engagement rings for their ladies. But is it the right option for you?

Although antiques are certainly beautiful and more special than ordinary store-bought jewelry, there are several things to consider before buying one for your girl. After all, this is the ring she’s going to wear for the rest of her life. It’s your job to make sure the ring is absolutely perfect.

Take a look at a few of these important considerations to see why it may make more sense to give her a custom-made, antique-style ring that is designed exclusively for her.


Are Antique Diamond Rings Right For You?


Consideration #1: They’re harder to find than you think.

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s good. Good-quality antique diamond rings take time to find, especially when you’re searching for a specific style or size. You could spend years looking for the “perfect” ring online or in antique jewelry shops and still not find it. Most men who buy antique engagement rings end up settling for a ring that’s not quite what they were looking for.


shutterstock_199592276 - Antique Diamond Rings - VNJConsideration #2: Antiques are used, after all.

Yes, every antique has a story – but whose? Something you need to consider when buying an antique is that the ring was once special to someone else – perhaps even several people. And while it may be a beautiful piece of jewelry, you have to consider that it was probably already worn on other women’s fingers for years.


Consideration #3: Expect to pay a lot more for the new “antique-style” rings at the mall jewelers.

Some of the big-name jewelry stores offer antique-style rings at a steep price – but keep in mind these rings aren’t made like real antiques were decades ago. Today, they’re made in bulk overseas, as cheaply as possible. And since it costs the manufacturers more to create unique details like those found in an antique, the price tags on these rings are inflated tremendously, despite the lower quality!


Consideration #4: Custom-made rings can be designed however you choose.

A custom engagement ring, created by a masterful designer, enables you to get the beautiful look of an antique with virtually any details you want. But the big difference is that you have complete control over the design, so that you know it’s absolutely perfect and just as you envisioned it.

With a custom ring, the “story” is all yours. Imagine telling your girl that you had the ring designed just for her… that there is no other ring exactly like it … and that you played a central role in its creation. No other ring – not even the most prized antique – is this special, because it’s unique to her.

Get the Stunning Look of Antique Diamond Rings, Custom-Made Just For You

shutterstock_171379124 - Antique Diamond Rings - VNJVanessa Nicole is an awarding winning designer and master diamond setter who creates brilliant, custom-made diamond rings for clients across the globe.

Based in San Diego, Vanessa’s expertise, attentiveness to clients and streamlined design process make it easy for anyone to get their dream ring (Related News), no matter where they’re located or how ambitious their ideas are. Contact Vanessa today to learn more about getting a beautiful antique-style diamond ring, made exclusively for you!

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