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Antique Engagement Ring Settings

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Antique Engagement Ring Settings – Factors To Consider


Woman With Her Fiancé Showing Her Antique Style Engagement Ring Settings!Does your girlfriend dream of an antique style engagement ring settings, but you don’t have a family heirloom which may be passed down to you? Very few families now have antique jewelry which is passed down, but purchasing a genuine antique ring may be too costly.

Jewelry designers are working to design vintage antique engagement rings using antique engagement ring settings, gems and more so they appear to have been handed down through the years.

How can you tell antique settings apart from more modern styles?



Choosing the Style

When choosing an antique engagement ring, pay close attention to the elements on the ring setting. Most settings make use of a pave-set diamonds. The band may be composed of small diamonds and these rings are typically made with white or yellow gold, or platinum. Rose gold can be used in some situations or you may choose to use a combination of metals to make the ring fancier.


Selecting the Cut And Color of the Diamond

Select Your Antique Engagement Ring Cut for SettingsAntique jewelry often makes use of diamond cuts that aren’t common now. Choose a ring with the old mine cut, the old European cut or the rose cut. When combined with antique engagement ring settings, the ring looks more authentic.

During different time periods, different colors of diamonds were in fashion. Be sure to consider this along with the cut when choosing the perfect gem for your loved one’s engagement ring.    



Choosing the Band

Look for filigree designs such as:

  • scrolls
  • wheat
  • flowers
  • bows
  • ribbons
  • hearts
  • birds

You may choose to go with a simple band, a highly detailed one or one which has diamonds which cover only a portion of the band. Bands are as important as the gem in determining the overall style of the ring.


Personalizing the Interior

AJ & Meredith – antique engagement ring settingsVisit a store specializing in antique engagement rings (Learn More) and you will find that many of these rings come with a special message inside, or the initials of the couple being married.

To make your ring special, include a message of your own in the ring you are purchasing to add that unique touch. Find a word or phrase that is special to the two of you and have it engraved in the ring.

You may also wish to break the phrase up into three separate parts with:

  1. The beginning of the phrase in the engagement ring
  2. The middle portion of the phrase on the bride’s wedding ring
  3. The end of the phrase in the groom’s wedding ring

The thing to remember when choosing an engagement ring is the person who will be wearing it. Her personality should always be the main consideration when choosing this jewelry as she will be wearing it for a lifetime.

If she is fascinated with a particular period in history, look at rings that were popular during that time period. This may be an ancient Egyptian ring or it may be one from Victorian times. By taking her taste and personality into consideration, you are sure to get a ring she loves.

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