Antique Engagement Rings Don’t Have To Be “Antique”

Antique Engagement Rings Don’t Have To Be “Antique”


Vanessa Nicole apprenticed with a 3rd generation Russian master jeweler to become an expert diamond setter specializing in micro pavé. With nearly half a million Youtube views, Vanessa guides future brides & grooms on the best ways to select the perfect engagement ring.

Many women love the romantic style of antique rings. You can achieve this same look on a newly created ring. Watch below as Vanessa sets a cushion cut blue sapphire into an antique engagement rings setting.



“I LOVEEEEEE my ring!!! When my fiance proposed, he wanted me to pick the ring 🙂 When we started ring shopping we found Vanessa Nicole Jewels!!! We are both beyond grateful we did!? The entire experience was AMAZING!” ~ Erin & Jeff Wilson

Hello! I’m Vanessa Nicole…

Vanessa Nicole - Engagement Ring Expert” width= I create custom, one-of-a-kind engagement rings. The #1 requested ring style by soon-to-be brides is for antique engagement rings. My specialty is micro pavé, which is a specialized diamond setting skill that is performed under a microscope. It is a highly sought-after design element for antique rings.

One of the biggest complaints amongst brides when it comes to original antique engagement rings created around 50 years ago is that the small diamonds fall out of the setting. I’ve heard too many horror stories from women who have purchased their antique rings setting online, from a mall jeweler, or a big box store that the craftsmanship is poor quality, or it’s simply aged over time to a point that it’s no longer safe to wear.

You might be able to find a great deal on one since the store probably bought it for a cheaper price, but you don’t want to have to continually visit the store again and again for repairs. Why not invest a bit more upfront to make it right the first time?

We can make it look exactly like the original, except more structurally sound to last throughout your lifetime. No matter where you ultimately choose to invest in your engagement rings setting, please keep in mind that this particular style needs to be made right the first time, so choose an independent jewelry store that truly has your best interest in mind. Warmly, Vanessa Nicole

“I still think I am dreaming wearing it. I wanted to express gratitude for talent in designing and producing what is an absolutely stunning end-product for Karin’s ring. Without your expertise and vision this could have turned out as just another piece, but the delicate balance of stones of simply perfect size & distribution gloriously complements the center diamond.” ~ Kevin & Karin Bacon

Celebrities LOVE Antique Rings

Katherine Heigl - Antique Engagement Rings Jessica Alba - Antique Engagement Rings


Jennifer Love Hewitt - Antique Engagement RingsAshley Simpson - Antique Engagement Rings


Eva Longoria - Antique Engagement RingsJennifer Hudson - Antique Engagement Rings

“This is the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my life! Wow, it’s simply stunning and fits perfectly. I cannot thank you enough. I am probably biased, but this is the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my life – your care and attention to your work is remarkable!” ~ Alana Lackore

Have Vanessa Design Your Ring!

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The 1st Step in Designing Antique Rings

The first step in designing antique rings with Vanessa Nicole is selecting the material for the setting. There are several choices including the examples below: White Gold, Yellow Gold and Platinum.

White Gold

White Gold - Antique Engagement Rings

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold - Antique Engagement Rings


Platinum - Antique Engagement Rings


The 2nd Step in Designing Antique Rings

The second step in designing rings with Vanessa Nicole is selecting your antique engagement ring setting. Antique engagement rings encompass Early Victorian, Art Nouveau, & Art Deco styles. Antique rings have specific design elements that provide that romantic, vintage look. Here are some examples:


Milgrain - Antique Engagement Rings


Engraving - Antique Engagement Rings

Large Top On Thin Band

Large top on thin band - Antique Engagement Rings


Diamond Cut Options

Rose-cut Diamonds, Old Mine-cut Diamonds & European-cut Diamonds were used as the center diamond rather than the Round Brilliant cut we use today in antique engagement rings.

Rose-cut Diamond

Rose Cut Diamond - Antique Engagement Rings

Old Mine-cut Diamond

Old Mine Cut Diamond - Antique Engagement Rings

Round Brilliant-cut Diamond

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond - Antique Engagement Rings

European-cut Diamond

European Diamond - Antique Engagement Rings


What is the difference between an OLD Mine Cut and Old Euro Cut?


Old Mine-Cut Diamond – Looks More Square – Heavy crown – Very large Open culet – Very deep bottom – Very small table – Heavy, clunky look, facets not uniform Old mine cuts were a product of the technology of the time. The diamonds, cut without the advantage of motorized machinery, followed the rough diamond’s octahedral shape.  Until the late 1800s, this created mostly square or rectangular cushion-shaped diamonds. The shape of the old stones of that time was not uniform at all, even thought they have the same number of facets, 58, as the modern round brilliant.


European Cut Diamond – Round Look – Open culet, but smaller than the old miner – Very small table  – More even facets on the pavilion – Bottom half is short In the 1900s, with the advent of motorized machinery, more evenly cut diamonds arose. It bridged the roundish old mine cut and the modern round of today. The main the difference between the cuts can be seen on the back facets. On the old European, they radiate out from a large culet pretty much evenly, like a pie would be, whereas the old miner has rays and then kite facets coming off the culet.  Information from Rapaport trade magazine article by Phyllis Schiller and Michael Goldstein


What Size Diamond Should You Choose???

Below is a private video I created for a client showing what a .70ct I-SI1 cushion cut diamond looks like in a Vanessa Nicole Jewels custom designed antique rings setting.

You’ll see that a diamond under 1ct with two halos covers the finger with a lot of bling! Because halos are a great element on antique rings, they allow you to get more sparkle for less money invested in the center diamond.

Another way to lower the investment of your antique engagement ring is by choosing a blue sapphire rather than a diamond. Blue sapphires are the 2nd most popular center stone alternative and were quite popular back in the day.

One of my favorite brides, Suzie Nawikas, was proposed to with a custom designed blue sapphire engagement ring. Her fiancé, Joe, thought she would appreciate it because it was unique and would stand out from all the diamond engagement rings out there. This certainly proved to be a hit because Suzie still says to this day that she gets asked where it comes from.

“Your craftsmanship is really superb! I could not let another second go by without thanking you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help! I really could not be more thrilled with how the ring turned out. It’s absolutely stunning – and just exactly what I wanted! Your craftsmanship is really superb. Working with you has been such a special experience, and I really appreciate you walking us through this whole process. It took so much stress out of our lives, knowing we were in such good hands.”
~ Shannon and Chris


Collage of Rings - Antique Engagement RingsThere are many options when it comes to the design of your ring. You may decide to infuse contemporary elements such as a thick, clean diamond bezel into your antique design.

People may think the engagement ring design process could be overwhelming since there are so many options to choose from, but Vanessa Nicole Jewels has mastered a proven process to ensure that you receive your DREAM engagement ring.

Feel free to email us if you are interested in being a part of this amazing experience and we would be delighted to discuss creating your DREAM antique ring setting.

Antique engagement rings are GORGEOUS and in high demand!

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