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Antique Looking Engagement Rings

Antique Looking Engagement Rings – The Ultimate in Luxury


One of Our Antique Looking Engagement Rings Closeup View On White TableGuys: if you’re new to the idea of antique looking engagement rings, then you may be wondering what makes these rings so special and why they’re so popular nowadays.

“Why would anyone want an old looking ring,” you may be wondering. Well, the simple fact is: it’s not about getting an “old” looking ring at all. It’s about obtaining a piece of jewelry that is truly unique, beautiful and unlike the boring, mass-produced contemporary rings found at the big franchise jewelry stores.

Antique style rings don’t actually have to be antique at all. By putting some extra time and effort into choosing the right ring – and getting it from a skilled designer – you can obtain a brand new ring that has all the dazzling characteristics she’s looking for. “But why,” you’re still wondering? Let’s take a closer look.


4 Reasons to Choose Antique Looking Engagement Rings

1. It’s the details that count.

Many styles of antique rings have gorgeous, highly intricate details that you just can’t find in most jewelry stores anymore. These details are what separate beautiful antique looking engagement rings from the plain, characterless styles offered by most chain jewelry shops.

2. They tell a story.

Antique looking engagement rings have personalities, made unique by the distinctive details in the design. Those details put the ring at a certain time and place, reflecting the cherished styles of a period, yet showcasing a timeless beauty. Most modern-day style rings, while still beautiful, lack that extra personality.

3. They’re harder to find, which makes them special.

The major jewelry manufacturers rely heavily on overseas workers who churn out the same rings (or slight variations) in bulk, year after year. It costs them more money to craft detailed, antique style rings, and this hurts their profit margins. That’s one reason why these rings are much harder to find, which is also what makes them so special. Not every gal in town has them!

4. Because that’s what she wants!

Regardless of all the reasons above for buying antique looking engagement rings, ultimately the decision is up to your girl. If that’s the style she loves and wants, then you probably shouldn’t be trying to justify it yourself, right? And, if it’s NOT the style she wants, then you should probably keep looking. If she loves classic beauty and the detailed craftsmanship of older style jewelry, then she will absolutely LOVE it.


Custom Made Antique Looking Engagement Rings

Milgrain example - Antique Looking Engagement Rings

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, we believe the perfect ring can’t be “found” – it can only be custom made. That’s why we create beautiful custom engagement rings and wedding bands, one at a time, just for you.

Based in San Diego, we craft our rings for clients all over the United States. Award-winning designer and master diamond setter Vanessa Nicole listens carefully to your wishes and also provides her expertise if you’re unsure where to start.

From antique style rings to clean, contemporary designs, we can create nearly any style to make this moment truly spectacular for your girl. After all, she’s been waiting her entire life for it!

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