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Antique Style Engagement Rings

Antique Style Engagement Rings – Created New, Just for You

Custom Made Antique Style Engagement Rings! Antique style engagement rings have a unique beauty and quality that is hard to find these days. But that doesn’t mean you need to get a “used” ring to give your girl that same brilliant look.

By avoiding the big chain jewelry shops, and having your ring custom made – just for her – you can replicate almost any style you want, from any period. Whether you have an example of a piece of jewelry you want to copy, just a general idea of the look, or no ideas at all, a master ring designer can help you create the ring of her dreams.

Giving her a custom ring shows that you have put extra thought into the decision – and that she is truly one of a kind, just like the ring you present to her. It’s guaranteed to “wow” her when you eventually pop the question. And, by incorporating unique details and features that give it the appearance of a prized antique, she’s sure to love her ring for years to come.  


Why Antique Style Engagement Rings?

You only have to look at a few antique style engagement rings to see why this type of jewelry gets all the attention. But here are a few more reasons why these rings are so special.

They don’t make them like they used to.

The large majority of engagement rings sold in the United States today are mass-produced by poorly paid workers overseas. That means the quality has diminished greatly, especially if you’re buying from one of the large chain jewelry stores.

It’s the details that count.

One of Our Antique Style Engagement Rings Closeup View On White TableAntique rings often have intricate details that make the piece unique and absolutely gorgeous. This level of detail is hard to find in today’s rings, likely because it would cost the manufacturers more money to do so.

Since they produce the rings in bulk, they can ensure bigger profit margins by making rings that are fast and simple to create. But, this is good news for you, because it means your only other option is having the ring custom made – which is infinitely more special than buying a ring that thousands of other women already have.

Classic styles to be cherished for years.

The most prized antique engagement rings seem to never go “out of style.” They are classic and timeless. They transcend ordinary jewelry pieces and become heirlooms, handed down to future generations. They tell a story. They are truly unique. 


We Specialize In Antique Style Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for something truly special, let Vanessa Nicole Jewels be your guide. Based in San Diego, CA, we create one-of-a-kind, custom antique style engagement rings for customers all over the United States and around the world.

Every ring we make is handmade, one at time, using only the highest quality materials. We can create nearly any style you want to give your ring a vintage, heirloom look. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! We’re happy to go over your options and make sure that the final antique style engagement ring  is absolutely perfect.

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