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Art deco engagement rings are all the rage these days as more women seek the unique details and rare look of an antique. The style has become so popular that the big jewelry manufacturers are increasingly offering vintage-inspired rings with art deco characteristics.

But while these mass-produced rings may look beautiful at first glance, there are several things you should be aware of before you buy. If you’re searching for art deco engagement rings, you may want to skip traditional jewelry shops altogether. Here’s why … 

The WRONG Way To Buy Art Deco Engagement Rings

It’s common for guys (and girls) to assume that the jewelry stores they see advertised on TV are the best option for buying engagement rings. After all, these companies spend millions of dollars to advertise all over the United States and convince you that their jewelry is the most beautiful.

But here’s what you may not know about these huge corporations and the rings they make…

Their rings are made overseas.

The majority of engagement rings sold in the U.S. today are manufactured overseas – and that includes the newly designed art deco engagement rings. “So what?” you might ask. Well, aside from your money going overseas, here’s a key reason why this matters …

Manufacturers are skimping on labor costs.

Manufacturers can save a lot of money by hiring low-wage workers in other countries. And while you might assume this means cheaper prices for you, the customer, that’s not necessarily the case. Ultimately, the manufacturers do this to increase their profits. And this poses another big problem …

Quality is thrown out the window.

Workers in overseas factories are tasked with the job of churning out as many rings in the shortest amount of time possible. That means that these workers are NOT making these rings with the precision and meticulous attention to detail that they should be. In fact, these workers may not even have the proper skills to do so anyway. This greatly reduces the quality of these rings. Not only that, but …

Thousands of women are wearing the same rings…

These rings are mass-produced and sold all over the world, which means that thousands of women could be wearing the same, identical ring setting. You wanted the art deco look because it seemed more special – but as it turns out, when you buy from the big-name jewelry stores, it’s not very special at all.

The BEST Way To Buy Art Deco Engagement Rings

Now that you know why to avoid the big jewelry store franchises, you may be tempted to scour antique shops looking for a true, vintage piece. But the reality is, you could search for years and never find the perfect ring.

Vanessa Nicole

There’s a better way.

By having your engagement ring custom-designed by Vanessa Nicole, you can get the gorgeous art deco (Related News) design you’ve been looking for, plus the satisfaction of knowing that the ring is made just for you – it’s truly one of a kind!

Based in San Diego, Vanessa Nicole creates stunning, custom-made engagement rings for clients all over the world. Browse Vanessa’s online gallery to see pictures of her many beautiful designs, or contact us today to see how easy it is to get your dream ring.

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