Why Avoid Online Jewelry Stores?

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Online jewelry stores might seem like a decent solution for guys who are looking for the cheapest, quickest rings they can find for their sweeties. But if you want to put some thought into your decision and show your girl that she deserves a truly special engagement ring – instead of something that has been mass-produced and sold to millions of other people – then buying your ring from an Internet retail shop is NOT the way to go.

Whether you’re planning to surprise her, or you’re doing some research together to find something perfect, you can’t be tempted by the super-low prices of the jewelry you find online.

There’s a reason why those items are so cheap, and as you’ll discover when your package arrives, the glittery online photos don’t paint the whole picture. Here are just a few reasons why you should think twice before choosing any of those online shops.

Reasons to Avoid Online Jewelry Stores

1. Shopping for engagement rings should not be like buying toothpaste.

Hey, the Internet is a great place for buying lots of things, from electronics to groceries – but NOT a piece of jewelry that will represent your lifelong commitment to the person you love. When your girl asks you where you purchased the ring, imagine the look on her face when you tell her it’s from Amazon.

Not only that, but most sites make it very difficult to gauge the real appearance of the item. If you want to make sure your ring is as stunning as it should be, you really need to see it in person or communicate personally with an expert who can send you multiple photos and detailed specs.

2. Mass-produced = low quality.

The major online jewelry stores get their rings in bulk from manufacturers who are churning out hundreds of the same exact rings, every day, by machines and poorly paid workers who couldn’t care less about pleasing your sweetheart.

These retailers tend to have very low standards, which is why their products are often so cheap. In fact, even the more expensive products often have cloudy, flawed diamonds and other imperfections. The retailers can successfully mark up these items anyway, because they know there is a sizable population of buyers who aren’t looking at the specifications at all – they’re just buying the first thing they see. Just keep in mind: you and your girl WILL be able to tell the difference when the ring arrives.

3. All the other girls have the same thing.

Since online jewelry stores mass-produce the same rings, over and over again, that means that thousands of other women are wearing the same thing. And if the ring was only a few hundred dollars, you can bet that tons of high school girls are wearing it, too. Every woman deserves her own one-of-a-kind engagement ring – one that is unique to her and all her own. You won’t find that in the online jewelry stores.

WOW Her with a Custom Engagement Ring

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