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[Client of the Week] Tim & Allie

Tim & Allie Wedding Ring

The Proposal of Tim & Allie…“Tim proposed to me in front of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC on Memorial Day. I thought it might happen the following week on vacation, so I hadn’t yet gotten a manicure as originally planned! He had convinced a couple of tourists from Finland to record and photograph the […]

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[Client of the Week] Ken & Vivien

Ken & Vivien Wedding Ring

The Proposal of Ken & Vivien…“Kenny, Vivien & their friend Gloria met at the Oakland Zoo. Viv was cluelessly exploring the animals while Kenny and Gloria schemed for a proposal location. Finding a walkway ending in a gazebo and no one around, Gloria cued Kenny by saying, “Let’s take a photo”. Right then, a random […]

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[Client of the Week] Karl & Megan

Karl & Megan Wedding Ring

The Story of Karl & Megan…“Before there was, or any of the other online dating sites that are out there for singles to navigate, there was That’s right, we are one of “those” success stories. Honest-N-Sweet-One meets NYC-to-SF. He said…Never Stop Laughing. I am looking for a woman who is intelligent, has […]

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[Client of the Week] Jonathan & Megan

Jonathan & Megan Wedding Ring

The Proposal of Jonathan & Megan…“Since I was aware a proposal was likely coming soon, Jonathan had to be extra clever in order to create some element of surprise. He arranged with the Omni Montelucia Resort to host the proposal within the beautiful Camelback Villa Suite, complete with scattered rose petals, a private courtyard dinner, […]

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[Client of the Week] Joe & Suzie

Joe & Suzie Wedding Ring

The Proposal for Joe & Suzie…“After falling in love in college in Wisconsin, then spending eight sunny years in San Diego, we got engaged at Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park in 2011.  We were married at a small lake resort in Northern Wisconsin in 2012 and honeymooned in Patagonia, Chile on an amazing backpacking […]

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[Client of the Week] Gerrit & Jaslynn

Gerrit & Jaslynn Wedding Ring

The Proposal for Gerrit & Jaslynn…“Gerrit and I are high school sweethearts from Minnesota and have been dating for over 14 years! We live near Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, CA and often watch the sunset near our house with friends. My mom came for a visit, so we planned to do sunset and wine […]

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[Client of the Week] Kate & Evan

Kate & Evan Wedding Ring

The First Meeting for Kate & Evan…“We met through mutual friends and thankfully so. Evan was about to move to Chicago but we went out anyway because, as Kate wrote via email, ‘We’ll probably end up hating each other and no complications will arise, right?’ We went on two spectacular dates before Evan took a […]

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[Client of the Week] Dustin & Anna

Dustin & Anna Wedding Ring

The Proposal for Dustin & Anna…“I’d like to say that the day he proposed started as this abnormally wonderful day, but really every day with him is wonderful. We had all these grand pre-Christmas plans that day. We were going to do some Christmas shopping, get our first Christmas tree together, make an amazing dinner […]

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