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How NOT to Buy Engagement Rings

Woman With An Engagement Ring On Her Finger

How NOT to Buy Engagement Rings When you are searching to buy engagements rings it can be an overwhelming and stressful process – especially if you want to show that you put a lot of thought and care into your decision. With so many options out there and weird industry terms like VVS2, IF and […]

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Why Choose Custom Made Engagement Rings?

chain store ring vs custom Vanessa Nicole Jeweler ring

Why Choose Custom Made Engagement Rings?   If you’re doing your homework and comparing custom made engagement rings with ordinary store-bought rings, then congratulations! You’re already headed in the right direction! Even if you decide, for whatever reason, not to buy a custom ring, you are still making an effort to choose a ring she’ll […]

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**PUBLISHED!** Magazine Feature: ‘INSIDE WEDDINGS’

Vanessa Nicole Jewels Published in INSIDE WEDDINGS Magazine

Published in INSIDE WEDDINGS Vanessa Nicole Jewels has just been published in the Spring issue of ‘Inside Weddings’ magazine! The feature showcases the gorgeous wedding of our clients, Christine & Rob Landis, who wed April 16th, 2011 at The Lodge at Torrey Pines in San Diego, CA. Christine’s custom, one-of-a-kind engagement ring and Rob’s custom […]

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Vanessa Nicole Jewels Receives “Talk of the Town” Award

Vanessa Nicole Jewels Receives “Talk of the Town” Award

Vanessa Nicole Jewels Receives “Talk of the Town” Award Vanessa Nicole Jewels, a custom jewelry studio in San Diego, has been awarded the “Talk of the Town” award for outstanding jewelry stores in 2011. The “Talk of the Town” Award The “Talk of the Town” award recognizes outstanding local businesses that have generated buzz within […]

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Get Your Own Diamond Anniversary Ring

Diamond Anniversary Ring

Do you want a Diamond Anniversary Ring, but don’t want to wait for an anniversary to get one??? Get one for yourself! Bold, *bling* right-hand rings are becoming increasingly popular and no longer necessarily even represent an anniversary. They signify your independence as a strong, powerful woman! Nowadays, many women can afford to purchase their […]

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Diamond Anniversary and Gifts

Diamond ring Anniversary Gift

Diamond Anniversary and Gifts Every couple looks forward to their anniversary; an occasion to celebrate the years and memories they have shared together. A diamond anniversary signifies 60 years of marriage—quite an achievement! It’s very common to commemorate this important milestone with diamond jewelry. In the past, the diamond was known as the symbol of […]

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