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Why Buy Antique Engagement Rings When You Can Have One Custom-Made?


Many guys these days are looking to buy antique engagement rings for their partners. And while the reasons are obvious (an antique has way more character, detail and quality than most jewelry made today), there is a better, even more stunning alternative …

Have your engagement ring custom-made by a skilled designer like Vanessa Nicole, and you can give your girl the true ring of her dreams: with all unique details or features that she loves about antique rings, except brand new and made just for her.

If you’ve been hoping to buy antique engagement rings, you probably know how difficult it can be to find something that’s “just right.” You could search for a specific style for months or years and still not find exactly what you had in mind. But by getting a custom engagement ring, you have total control over the design, so that it’s absolutely perfect.


MEN: Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Boyfriend giving a vintage antique engagement ring to loved one.An antique is great, but…

There’s no denying that when you buy antique engagement rings (Related), you’re purchasing a ring with a history. Many are even heirlooms that have been passed down for generations.

The big jewelry manufacturers simply don’t make rings like that anymore, because the intricate details are often too costly to produce on the same massive scale as their other jewelry.

But as beautiful and rare as an antique is, chances are it’s still not perfect for you or your girl. Maybe it was once perfect for someone else, but let’s face it: it’s probably been worn by many people, and its flaws will be clearly visible.

Why Custom-Made Engagement Rings Are a Better Alternative

A custom-made engagement ring enables you to recreate the look of virtually any style of ring, except you don’t have to sacrifice certain details like you do when searching for an antique. You design it however you choose. No settling for a ring that’s just “close enough” to what you were looking for. A custom-made ring ensures it’s perfect.

Beyond just beautiful, brilliant and new, a custom-made engagement ring is special. It’s the product of hard work by you and the designer you chose to ensure that the ring was perfect. It shows that you put in the extra time and commitment to giving her a truly one-of-a-kind ring, more stunning than anything she’s ever imagined.


MEN: Design The Ring of Her Dreams!

Vanessa Smiling - buy antique engagement ringsVanessa Nicole Jewels is nothing like an ordinary jewelry shop. We don’t keep a large inventory of rings that have been sitting in cases for months or years. Instead, each ring is carefully crafted, one at a time, for our clients.

Based in San Diego, award-winning designer Vanessa Nicole creates gorgeous, custom-made rings for clients all over the world. We make the process extremely simple, even if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for.

Contact Vanessa today to get started on your ring today. Remember, the perfect ring can’t be found. It must be custom-made!


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