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Why Buy Custom Engagement Rings

Why Buy Custom Engagement Rings?

6 Reasons To Stay Away From Traditional Jewelry Stores

These days, more couples are making the decision to buy custom engagement rings, rather than picking their rings out of a jewelry case. But why?

Surely, “custom-made” is better than something manufactured in bulk, right? But what exactly makes it “better?” Why would a guy put so much time and effort into giving his girl a custom-designed ring, when he could just go to the mall and pick one out in a few minutes?

The reality is, there are many reasons why people buy custom engagement rings. And you may be surprised to discover that the process of doing it – and the end result of presenting a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind ring to your partner – is far more rewarding than dealing with the pushy salespeople at most jewelry stores.

6 Reasons To Buy Custom Engagement Rings

1. Give her a ring that’s as unique as she is

Engraving-sample - Buy Custom Engagement RingsAn engagement ring is a symbol of your love for partner and your commitment to her. These are unique to the two of you and cannot not be duplicated. So, why give her a ring that’s exactly like thousands of others, worn by other women around the world? When you buy custom engagement rings, you ensure that your ring is truly one of a kind.

2. A bigger wow moment – that lasts forever

There are actually two big WOW moments when you give a custom-made ring to your woman: 1) the initial reaction to the stunning beauty of the ring; and 2) the discovery that YOU played a direct role in the ring’s design – and that there is no other ring in the world exactly like it. Imagine the look on her face – and her friends’ and family’s faces!

3. It shows you care

Going custom requires you to put more thought into her ring. The process is actually very simple when you work with a skilled designer like Vanessa Nicole, but your girl will LOVE that you put in the extra time and effort to get it just right. It speaks volumes about you and your commitment to your girl.

4. Most jewelry stores sell rings made overseas

Thousands of identical rings are mass produced on assembly lines – by unskilled, poorly paid workers who are told to churn out as many rings as possible. This cuts costs for the manufacturers and hurts the quality tremendously! When you buy custom engagement rings, you have someone who will produce your ring with care and meticulous attention to detail.

5. Limited styles at jewelry stores

Finding high-quality, unique, antique-style rings at most jewelry stores is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s because these rings cost the manufacturers more money to make! But by having your ring custom-made, you can get virtually any design you want.

6. No pushy salesmen

Commission-based jewelry salespeople are what make the process of buying an engagement ring so stressful and aggravating. Go custom instead and you’ll only work with a single designer who CARES about you, your girl and creating the ring of her dreams.


Need More Reasons To Buy Custom Engagement Rings?

Vanessa Nicole - Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement RingsDiscover how easy it is by calling Vanessa Nicole Jewels. Based in San Diego, skilled ring designer Vanessa Nicole creates jaw-dropping, custom engagement rings (Related News) for clients all over the world. If you’re curious what the process is like, or want to go over some options, just give us a call or email. Let us show you how simple and rewarding it is to give your girl the ring she’s been dreaming about.

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