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What You Should Know About Antique Jewelry Stores

What You Should Know About Antique Jewelry Stores


Are Antique Jewelry Stores Really the Best Option?

Before you start visiting antique jewelry stores in search for the “perfect” engagement ring, there are a few things you may want to ask yourself first:

  • Exactly what style of antique are you looking for?
  • How old should it be, or which era should it be from?
  • What design features should it have?
  • How much time are you willing to spend searching for the perfect ring? A few months? Years?
  • How many antique jewelry stores are you prepared to check?
  • Does your partner have an appreciation for antique engagement rings?
  • How will she feel about wearing a ring that has been worn by another woman (or perhaps several)?
  • What happens in the likely event that you’re never able to find the perfect antique ring?

The reason we pose these questions is not to scare you out of the idea of searching for an antique (assuming that’s what your partner really wants). Instead, we’re just underscoring the fact that finding the perfect antique isn’t easy – and the search alone may be a lot more time-consuming than you think.

What if you could give your girl a jaw-dropping engagement ring that has all unique details and meticulous craftsmanship of an heirloom antique, except it would also be brand new and designed exclusively for her based on your wishes?

With a custom-made engagement ring, you can truly give her the perfect ring – one that’s completely unique to her and thus even more special than an antique.


Why Buy A Custom Ring Instead?

No endless searching

Creating the perfect custom ring is a matter of simply providing your input and ideas. And if you don’t have any ideas? A skilled designer like Vanessa Nicole will help you determine the best styles and features based on your partners’ jewelry preferences or other factors. No need to search endlessly at dozens of antique jewelry stores!

One-of-a-kind ring

A custom-made ring is truly one of a kind, because it’s made just for you and your girl. There is no other ring exactly like it. Plus, you don’t have to worry that the same design is already worn by thousands of other women (as is often the case when you buy a ring from a mall jeweler).

It’s new and has its own beautiful story

Unlike an antique, a custom-made engagement ring has not been worn by anyone else. Despite this, it comes with a great story: the process you went through to create a dream ring and the fact that you put in the extra effort to make it truly special. This alone is something that your bride-to-be will adore!


Talk To Vanessa Nicole Before Searching

Contact Vanessa Nicole to see how easy it is to give your future fiancée the ring of her dreams, custom made just for her. Unlike traditional jewelry stores, Vanessa Nicole doesn’t carry an inventory of rings that were made months or years ago. She creates each one individually from her San Diego design studio for clients all over the world. Call 1-619-800-0134 to learn more about custom engagement rings from Vanessa Nicole Jewels.

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