Jewelry Stores: What You Need To Know Before Buying A Diamond 

You Won’t Believe Where Most Engagement Rings Are Really Made

When shopping for engagement rings, most guys begin their search at local diamond jewelry stores or by looking for websites that sell rings online.

The more diligent fellas will do their research, learn about the “4 Cs” and then use this information to help them go pick out a ring. Then, the salespeople at these diamond jewelry stores throw a wrench in the works.

These salespeople are often commission-based and they must move their diamond inventory as fast as possible. So, they push guys into rings that don’t necessary even meet their requests, just to make a quick sale.

Some guys don’t even mind being pushed toward a particular ring as long as they think the ring looks nice. But no matter what the salesperson says about the carat, cut, clarity or color, there are certain things he’s not telling you and never will.

What are these salespeople hiding, and what does it mean for the ring you’re buying for your partner?

What You Need To Know About Diamond Jewelry Stores

Your ring was made on the other side of the world.

The salespeople at diamond jewelry stores will never tell you that most engagement rings sold in the U.S. are manufactured overseas. “So what?” you might ask. You might be fine with your clothing and other items being made overseas, but here’s why it matters for engagement rings…

Mass production means low quality.

When rings are mass-produced by factory workers along assembly lines, the quality suffers tremendously. The major jewelry manufacturers hire these overseas workers because the labor is cheap.

The workers are simply tasked with churning out rings as quickly as possible. This ultimately means that little to no care or expertise has been put into your ring. Not only that…

Your ring is way overpriced.

The jewelry companies make these rings for as little money as possible – but that doesn’t mean the savings is being passed onto you. In fact, just the opposite.

The manufacturers use this as an opportunity to increase their price margins. The rings at most jewelry stores have been marked up several times so that everyone profits but you: the jewelry company, the jewelry store and the salesperson.

Okay, so let’s say you don’t care if it’s overpriced. Just as long as it looks beautiful, right? Well, here’s something else to consider…

Hundreds or even thousands of other women may have the exact ring.

How special can your ring really be when it’s been cheaply made, churned out by the thousands and sold to guys like you all over the world? Does your girl deserve something better than this? Something more unique?

Skip Traditional Diamond Jewelry Stores. Have Your Ring Custom Made!

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The Artist’s Studio

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