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Jewelry Stores Online

Why You MUST Be Careful When Finding Jewelry Stores Online


Searching for jewelry stores online has become increasingly common over the last several years – but there are some “dangers” you need to be aware of before you buy any piece of jewelry on the Internet.

Man purchasing a ring from jewelry stores onlineLet’s face it: shopping on the Internet, no matter what it’s for, is a lot more convenient than driving to a store (especially if you need to compare products from multiple shops). Not surprisingly, more guys are now going online to find engagement rings for their sweethearts, because they are intimidated by shopping at a brick-and-mortar jewelry store.

Can you blame them? Traditional jewelry stores – especially the larger chains found in malls and shopping centers – are notorious for having pushy salespeople who simply want the largest commission possible. It’s an unpleasant experience that’s on par with shopping for a new car. The salesperson simply wants to get rid of inventory and make a quick sale.

Despite this, there are still several problems with using jewelry stores online, which you must be aware of before you begin your search.

Jewelry Stores Online – What You Need to Know

Low prices = cheap jewelry

Don’t be tempted by the cheap jewelry offered through major retailers like Amazon and Overstock. If you were in 9th grade and you wanted a quick gift for your girlfriend, then perhaps this jewelry would do. But otherwise, you’ll be stuck with poor-quality jewelry made with cheap or faux materials – not real gold or diamonds. Your woman deserves better!

Inflated price tags

Jewelry Stores Online – Vanessa Nicole JewelsOn the flip side, some of the big chain jewelry stores online are also known for wildly inflating their prices – and charging even more than what they offer in their brick-and-mortar shops. These stores know there are certain guys who will never step inside a real jewelry store, so the stores can charge more and get away with it. In most cases, these guys are paying way too much for mediocre quality.

Mass-produced jewelry made overseas

If you plan to buy from the big-name jewelry stores online, then be aware: your jewelry was probably made in overseas factories, along assembly lines staffed by workers who churn out hundreds of the same jewelry pieces daily. The craftsmanship is often very poor. The jewelry is far from special, because it’s worn by women all over the world. And yet despite this, the prices are heavily inflated. These are the types of websites you need to avoid!

Consider going custom

One great way to ensure that you’ll get the quality and personal attention you deserve is to have your jewelry custom made by a professional designer. This gives you more control over the style, quality and craftsmanship, and the end result is infinitely more special than a standard piece of jewelry, because it’s truly one of a kind.


Before You Search for Jewelry Stores Online…

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