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Men’s Diamond Rings

Men’s Diamond Rings – Where To Find The Perfect Ring For A Guy


Shopping for men’s diamond rings can be frustrating. Because most jewelry stores are geared toward women (or toward guys who are buying for women), their inventories of diamond rings tend to be more feminine, leaving few options for the guys.

But, who’s to say that men shouldn’t have the same wide assortment of options as women? There are so many different styles that look great on guys and have been popular with men for decades. And whether you’re buying for yourself or for your partner, you want a ring that’s absolutely perfect, right?

Unfortunately, you may never find that perfect ring at traditional jewelry shops. But don’t lose hope – there’s a much simpler way to shop for men’s diamond rings that ensures you’ll get the exact ring you’ve been looking for.


Sleek, Striking Men’s Diamond Rings – Customized Just For Him

If you’re having trouble finding men’s diamond rings in the right style (or at all!), there’s an easy solution: have the ring custom-made.

Custom diamond rings, created by a skilled designer, enable you to obtain the exact look and feel you’ve been searching for. Whether you prefer clean, modern lines or the intricate details found in an antique, a custom ring gives you total control over the style, and the options are virtually endless.

But there are several other great reasons to “go custom,” besides the easy factor…

One of a kind

Men's Diamond RingsEven if you do find a men’s ring at a traditional jewelry shop, how will you feel knowing that the ring has probably been copied and duplicated thousands of times by the big manufacturers – and thus worn by other men around the world? Compare that to a custom ring, which is truly one of a kind: created just for you or your partner. No one else, anywhere, can say they have the same ring!

A special gift

If you’re giving the ring as a gift, imagine how special it will be when you tell him the ring has been custom-made, just for him. He’ll love that you put in the extra time and effort to make it perfect. You simply can’t achieve that same special gratitude with an ordinary store-bought ring!

Immaculate design and pristine quality

Before you buy a diamond ring from a traditional jewelry store, you should know that it was most likely manufactured overseas as cheaply as possible by unskilled, poorly paid workers. No matter what the salesman says or how high the price tag is, the quality is just not there.

But when you have an award-winning designer like Vanessa Nicole creating your ring, you can be assured that your ring will be skillfully crafted using high-quality materials and that it will receive the meticulous attention to detail it deserves!

Custom Men’s Diamond Rings At Vanessa Nicole Jewels

Based in San Diego, Vanessa Nicole is a master ring designer and diamond setter who creates stunning, custom diamond rings for men and women around the world. (Related News)

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, we don’t carry an inventory of rings that were made months or years ago. Each ring is created one at a time, exclusively for you. Contact Vanessa today to get started a ring that’s perfect for you or your partner.

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