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Top Jewelry Stores

What the Top Jewelry Stores Aren’t Telling You

A Must-Read For Anybody Shopping For Engagement Rings!

When shopping for engagement rings, a lot of guys (and women, too) make the mistake of searching for the “top jewelry stores” in the nation.

You can’t blame them. They want the absolute best for their partners. The best jewelry from the biggest, most recognizable names in the industry. But you may be surprised to find out that these stores aren’t as good as you think they are.

When it comes to engagement rings, the “top jewelry stores” shouldn’t be determined by how many chains they have, how many commercials they run or how many millions of dollars they make each year. In fact, when you choose one of the largest jewelry retailers (the stores you see on TV and in the mall), there’s a good chance your ring will actually be very poorly made, despite what the salesman tells you!

Here’s what you need to know about these stores, why to avoid them, and where you can get a much more beautiful, exceptionally made ring that your woman will cherish forever.

Little Known Facts About The “Top Jewelry Stores”

1. The jewelry is mass-produced.

There’s a reason why the so-called top jewelry stores (Related News) all carry the same inventory in each of their shops. Virtually every piece of jewelry you see in these stores is produced in mass quantities for customers all over the world. This enables the powerhouse jewelry companies to sell the same popular items at every location and advertise those items prominently across the country.

2. Hundreds of women could have the same exact ring.

Top Jewelry StoresBecause the jewelry is mass-produced, that means that the same ring you’re buying could be worn by hundreds of other women. The ring might look beautiful, but really there is nothing special about it at all. There are potentially thousands of duplicates just like it.

3. The jewelry is made overseas.

Many of the big-name jewelry stores produce their inventory overseas, where manufacturing and payroll costs are much lower. This not only allows the companies to maximize their profits, but also it means…

4. The quality is very bad.

What happens when jewelry companies skimp on production costs and hire low-wage workers to manufacture the jewelry along assembly lines? Quality is sacrificed – big time. These workers are paid to churn out the products as quickly as possible. They don’t care about you or your beautiful wedding plans. They just need to hit their daily quotas and they’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

5. Details are virtually nonexistent.

This is also why most of the jewelry found in today’s big-name jewelry stores are so “plain.” The exquisite detail and designs found in antique engagement rings are simply too expensive for these companies to produce today.

How To Truly Find The Top Jewelry Stores

Vanessa Nicole - Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement RingsIf you’re serious about choosing a ring that is truly special, avoid the national franchises and consider having your engagement ring custom made, just for you, by a skilled designer like Vanessa Nicole.

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