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Want to Re-Set Your Engagement Ring? Read this First!

There are many reasons for wanting to reset an engagement ring, such as needing a different size setting, making a family heirloom fit your needs, or mounting the stone in another setting instead of the one that was bought for someone else. While changing the stone in a ring setting can be done by most jeweler’s, you should first be aware of this information.

Have The Stone Examined
Examining An Engagement Ring Gemstone

When you make the decision to have the gemstone in an engagement ring reset, you should first have the stone appraised. An appraisal will help find any damage, which has been done over the years if it’s an older gemstone, such as a family heirloom. There may be cracks or chips in the stone you cannot see with the naked eye.

An appraisal will also provide the value of the stone for insurance purposes, and it will help establish its authenticity. While the diamond or gem is being examined, the jeweler can determine whether it is safe to take it out of the current setting and place in a new one. In some cases, cracks may be so deep that the stone isn’t stable enough to remount in another setting. Also, any chips it has may be hard to hide in another setting.

Getting an Appraisal
Diamond Appraisal By A Jeweler

If the jeweler determines the stone can be safely placed in another setting, then an appraisal will provide the information you will need for the insurance company. When a piece of jewelry is insured, it is done by placing a rider on your homeowner’s or renter’s policy. Items on a rider are known as scheduled items, and they do not appreciate in value. It is recommended to have a scheduled item, such as an engagement ring, reappraised every three years to assess its value.

Deal with a Trusted Jeweler

If you buy your jewelry from only one store, then you should trust them to reset an engagement ring. Going to a jeweler you don’t know could put your investment at risk. Some unscrupulous jewelers have switched out diamonds they were supposed to place in other settings for diamonds of less value or even cubic zirconia. Even if you are familiar with the jeweler doing the work, you should carefully examine the gemstone when picking up the ring.

Diamond switching can be prevented by requesting the jeweler plot the diamond on the receipt. Plotting a diamond means to examine the diamond and map the location of inclusions, or flaws, in the diamond on a piece of paper. Both you and the jeweler will have a copy of the plot to help identify the stone when you pick up the ring.

You should also be familiar with how the stone looks through a jeweler’s loupe, so you know where the inclusions or marks are on the diamond. If you know what it looks like, then when the diamond is mapped, you can make sure it is accurate. If the jeweler has plotted the diamond incorrectly, bring it to their attention. If they don’t remap it, take the ring to another jeweler to have it reset.

Pay with Credit Card

Paying With A Credit Card

When having a ring reset, don’t pay with cash when you pick it up. There is no way to trace a cash transaction except for showing a receipt if you notice a problem after you’ve left the store. However, if you pay with a credit card, not only will there be a better paper trail, but you can report the incident to credit card company and they may help you recover the money the jeweler charged for the work.

Resetting After Divorce

If you’re divorced but were able to keep your engagement ring in the settlement, you may want to reset it to give it a new look and erase memories of the past. Instead of putting it in another ring setting, it could be mounted as a pendant, bracelet or you could purchase a matching stone and create earrings with it. There are many ways to repurpose an engagement ring once the relationship has ended.

By having the stone appraised and going to a trusted jeweler to have it reset, you can protect the investment you have in the diamond.


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