Resetting A Diamond Engagment Ring: What You Need To Know

Resetting A Diamond Engagement Ring

Want to Reset Your Diamond Engagement Ring? Read this First!

There are many reasons for wanting to reset an engagement ring, such as needing a different size setting, making a family heirloom fit your needs, or mounting the stone in another setting instead of the one that was bought for someone else.

Selecting The Best Ring Setting

The ring setting showcases the diamond and enhances it’s look and size. When you’re looking for a new setting, you’ll want to keep in mind the shape and size of the diamond. 

For instance, holo settings tend to enhance the size of a diamond, making it appear larger. Whereas a simple, solitaire setting can highlight a beautiful, flawless diamond without distractions. 

The type and color of the metal is another consideration. White gold or platinum is best for a colorless or near colorless diamond. Whereas a yellow gold will be reflected in the stone, taking away from the colorless aspect of the diamond.

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Having A Ring Reset Safely

While changing the stone in a ring setting can be done by most jeweler’s, you should first be aware of this information.

Have The Stone Examined First
Examining An Engagement Ring Gemstone

If the gemstone in a diamond engagement ring is going to be reset, it needs to be examined first. Take the stone to a professional for an appraisal. This appraisal is important because it helps the individual to locate any damage in the gemstone itself. If the stone has been in the ring for a long time (such as a family heirloom), there could be damage to the stone that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Some of the most common examples include chips or cracks.

Furthermore, an appraisal can also correctly value the stone for insurance purposes while also providing a certificate of its authenticity. While the diamond is being examined, the jeweler will also be able to determine whether or not it is safe to switch the stone to a new setting. In some situations, there could be cracks that are so deep that it wouldn’t be safe to try to remove the stone and mount it in a different setting. Finally, if there are chips located in the diamond engagement ring, it might be a good idea to try to switch the stone to a different setting in an effort to hide the chips.

Purchase Insurance For The Ring

Diamond Appraisal By A Jeweler

If the jeweler determines that it is okay to reset the diamond engagement ring, the next step is to make sure the ring is insured. The appraisal should provide all of the information required to get an insurance policy from an insurance company. Typically, a rider can be placed on either a homeowners’ insurance policy or a renter’s insurance policy. A rider is used to cover scheduled items. This means that they do not appreciate in value (even if the value of the item insured changes). Because of this, it is a good idea to get a diamond engagement ring appraised every three years. Then, the insurance policy can be updated to provide accurate coverage of the engagement ring.

Deal with a Trusted Jeweler

Having a diamond engagement ring reset doesn’t come without risks. For this reason, it is critical to consider the jeweler carefully. If all of the jewelry in the family came from a single place, go to that person to have them reset the diamond engagement ring. Going to an unfamiliar jeweler comes with significant risks. For example, there are unscrupulous jewelers who have reset a diamond engagement ring with a smaller diamond. Or, they could have even replaced the diamond with something known as cubic zirconia. Do not let this happen. Once the ring has been picked up, examine the diamond carefully to ensure it is the same stone.

In order to prevent diamond switching, ask the jeweler to plot the diamond as a part of the receipt. This means that the jeweler needs to map out the location of any inclusions (flaws) in the diamond when it is picked up. Then, this map is shown on a piece of paper. Both the jeweler and the owner should have a copy of the plot. This will help to identify the stone correctly when the ring is picked up after the reset is done.

Finally, be sure to know what the ring looks like when examined through a jeweler’s loupe. This will help to recognize where the marks or inclusions are located on the diamond, allowing its identity to be confirmed. If the jeweler has plotted the diamond incorrectly on the map, let them know. This is a red flag that something might not be right. If the jeweler refuses to remap the diamond, then take the diamond engagement ring to someone else to have it reset.

Pay with Credit Card

Paying With A Credit Card

Whenever a diamond engagement ring is getting reset, do not pay with cash. There has to be a paper trail and there is no way to reliably trace a cash transaction if there is a problem with the diamond engagement ring after leaving the store. If there is a credit card transaction, there is a concrete trail that can be used to revisit any issue at a later date. Furthermore, if there is an incident, this can be reported to the credit card company. This will help the ring’s owner recover the money lost in the transaction and the credit card company can charge the jeweler for the work.

How Much Does It Cost to Reset a Diamond Ring?

Reset engagement rings are going to vary in cost depending on a few factors. These include the degree to which the ring is being reset as well as the size of the gemstone. Also, if more than one stone is going to be reset, this will impact the price as well. Jewelers may also vary their cost depending on their own personal factors. In general, resizing a ring is going to cost somewhere between $100 and $250. 

However, if you want to set your stone in an entirely different setting, there are several factors that will influence the cost:

  • The type of metal used in the setting: platinum vs. gold
  • The quality of the diamonds used in the setting
  • The quality and cost of the craftsmanship and detail of the setting

This could range from several hundred dollars to $2,000 or more.

What Does Resetting A Diamond Ring Mean?

 When someone uses the term reset a diamond engagement ring, this means taking the stone (or stones) and moving them to a different position. Stones are set in a ring when it is first made. Over time, changes may take place and people may want to change how the stones are set in the diamond engagement ring. For example, there might be flaws that need to be covered or the stones may need to be moved to match contemporary styles. Some people may even want to add a different stone or change the band. 

How Long Does It Take To Reset A Ring?

The process of resetting a diamond engagement ring depends on the jeweler and could take anywhere from three to six weeks. The exact length of time is going to depend on how many stones are being reset, the design of the new setting and the design process. If you have a good idea of the type and look of the setting you want, it will speed up the process. It is helpful to ask how long the jeweler will take to reset the diamond engagement ring before leaving it with them.

Resetting After Divorce

If you’re divorced but were able to keep your engagement ring in the settlement, you may want to reset it to give it a new look and erase memories of the past. Instead of putting it in another ring setting, it could be mounted as a pendant, bracelet or you could purchase a matching stone and create earrings with it. There are many ways to repurpose an engagement ring once the relationship has ended.

By having the stone appraised and going to a trusted jeweler to have it reset, you can protect the investment you have in the diamond.

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