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Most Common Engagement Ring Concerns & 6 Scams To Avoid

engagement ring

Most Common Engagement Ring Concerns & 6 Scams To AvoidYou want to feel confident about your engagement ring purchase right? If I ask what your concerns are about getting this ring, do any of these sound familiar? – “I don’t want to get ripped off.”– “It feels like the salespeople just want to make a deal rather […]

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Common Engagement Ring Concerns

Top Concerns When Buying An Engagement Ring Here are what many of my clients say were their engagement ring concerns when planning to get a ring. Male:  A salesperson can tell you one thing, but if you’re naïve or you’re the typical person who doesn’t deal with rings every day, you don’t know what is […]

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Things To Think About When Purchasing An Engagement Ring

Purchasing An Engagement Ring

Let me paint you a picture – think about the difference between staying at the Days Inn versus Montage Deer Valley… At Days Inn, it’s as bare-bones as it comes. And you don’t expect any more because it’s Days Inn. There are no evening s’mores by the giant fireplace with 2 types of chocolates and […]

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Engagement Rings for Bigger Fingers

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a tall task. Along with every woman comes a different hand. Some fingers are long, some are short, some are thin, some are wide. So what do you do when you’re attempting to find engagement rings for bigger fingers? Let’s look at some tips that will help you […]

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Top 3 Diamond Shapes for the Perfect Engagement Ring

Top 3 Diamond Shapes for the Perfect Engagement Ring   If you want to dazzle your woman with the ring of her dreams, then you need to think beyond the jewelry shop at the mall. Having your engagement ring custom-made – just for her – gives you control over how beautiful the ring is and […]

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Resetting A Diamond Engagement Ring

precious stone

Want to Reset Your Diamond Engagement Ring? Read this First! There are many reasons for wanting to reset an engagement ring, such as needing a different size setting, making a family heirloom fit your needs, or mounting the stone in another setting instead of the one that was bought for someone else. Selecting The Best […]

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What You Should Know About Antique Jewelry Stores

What You Should Know About Antique Jewelry Stores   Are Antique Jewelry Stores Really the Best Option? Before you start visiting antique jewelry stores in search for the “perfect” engagement ring, there are a few things you may want to ask yourself first: Exactly what style of antique are you looking for? How old should […]

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