A Victory Diamond Ring for Hillary Clinton 

Hillary Clinton stands to make history in November. If elected, she will become the first female president of the United States. In honor of what promises to be a historic feat, I have designed a diamond ring that is symbolic of her magnificent achievement.

A Victory Diamond Ring Tells a Story

The story of this ring should reflect the values of its wearer. Hillary Clinton has a broad political platform. The ring should clearly show her most important goals. The design I have created for her at my studio in San Diego, CA (Vanessa Nicole Jewels) is a two-toned eternity-style ring. It has twin bands, a woven design, and diamonds spanning the surface. The elements of this ring represent peace, unity, and eternity.

Yellow Gold & Platinum Diamond Eternity Band Designed By Vanessa Nicole Jewels

A Victory Ring Speaks To Peace

This ring design consists of two thin bands, which together, provide the support necessary to keep it strong. Each one features a woven, infinity-style design, symbolizing peace and harmony among nations. Structurally, the bands do not need to weave in this way, however, with this harmonious design, the ring is much stronger. This is also true for the nations of the world. Many cultures use weaving designs for their rings. This is especially true in the Celtic tradition. Many different kinds of knots and weaves are used in jewelry. They often stand for two or more forces working together. The symbolism applies to any situation where two separate entities work toward a common goal. For Hillary Clinton, this ring would show her stance promoting global harmony. It would serve as a reminder of the ultimate goal: Peace can never be easy. It is difficult to attain and harder to keep. Regardless of the struggle, the ring shows that peace is always worth the effort.

A Victory Ring Speaks To Unity

The two bands of the ring feature two-tone colors. More than anything, this symbolizes people of many differences working together. The two different colored bands are connected to one another for support. From different races, religions, and beyond, the ring would stand for all people working toward peace. In design, colors can represent people. The symbolism works far beyond skin color. People also differ in beliefs, values, skills, and more. Using both colors for the single ring accounts for people of all differences. In this chaotic time, Hillary Clinton’s victory ring would serve as a calming reminder. We are all human beings. We must all work together. As the two-tone bands rely on each other for support, we must provide the same for one another.

A Victory Ring Speaks To Eternity

Each band is woven with rows of diamonds. These stones represent the elements of peace and unity lasting for all time. The diamonds are always present as the ring spins. This is also true for our efforts to attain peace. Hillary Clinton works and fights for her cause. I believe the meaning of “forever” goes even deeper. The stones spanning the ring symbolize an unending paved road. The diamonds also symbolize lasting forever. Rings known as “eternity rings” have this design to emphasize that love and peace last forever. Times change. Ideas, technology, and politics mold the world. It is important to have a symbol showing some things do last forever. While borders may change the effort toward peace and unity is unending. The ring would work as a reminder that the job is never finished.

A Victory Ring Represents the President

A Victory Ring for Hillary Clinton

A Victory Ring for Hillary Clinton

The President of the United States of America is one of the most influential figures in the world. The President speaks for the nation. Should Hillary Clinton win the race in November, she will represent the nation. Television cameras may never focus on her ring. Most people will never know it’s there. But the President would know it’s there. She would know everything it represents, a constant reminder. Hillary Clinton is running for the highest office in the nation. Being President is a difficult job with enormous responsibility. This ring represents more than just victory. It represents the righteous values of a leader. Each day, she would feel the victory on her finger. Each day, she would be reminded of her promise and her goals. Each day, it would inspire her decisions and choices for both the United States and the world.

The Artist’s Studio

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