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Custom Antique Engagement Rings

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Custom Antique Engagement Rings

Why You Should Choose A Custom Antique Engagement Ring

Antique engagement rings, with all their exquisite details and meticulous craftsmanship, have appealed to women for years. But more and more, today’s brides (and their partners) are skipping the increasingly painstaking search for a perfect antique. Instead, they’re having their rings custom-made to look like antique engagement rings.

Ambitious guys (and, often, their soon-to-be fiancees) search far and wide for the right ring, but finding something truly perfect is virtually impossible. Most of the big-name jewelry shops only carry brand new inventory, generally produced along assembly lines overseas as cheaply as possible. And as a result, the rings in these stores tend to have far less detail, personality and quality than that of an antique.

Even if you’ve tried some antique jewelry shops, you’ve probably discovered how difficult it is to find the exact style you’re looking for.

But don’t lose hope yet…

Get Your Antique Engagement Ring Custom Made

There’s a simpler way to give your partner a ring that’s even more special and stunning – without having to spend months searching for a unique antique engagement ring.

A skilled ring designer can replicate virtually any style of ring and incorporate all the intricate, unique details you’ve been looking for in an antique. But instead of giving her a ring that was already special to someone else (or perhaps even worn by several other people), your ring will be made exclusively for her.

Better than an antique?

By having your engagement ring custom-made by a talented designer, you can get the exact look you want, with all the unique details and markings of an antique.

Besides the fact that a custom-made ring has not been worn by anyone else, is it designed according to YOUR own wishes and specifications. YOU and/or your partner have total control over the design, which is what makes it truly special.

Not only that, putting the extra thought and effort into the ring goes a long way. She’ll love that you went the extra mile to give her her dream ring, and it will make the “YES!” moment that much more powerful. Just imagine the look on her face when you tell her the ring has been made just for her – that you cared so much about finding a true symbol of the unique love you share; that you wanted the ring to be absolutely perfect.

Why consider having your ring custom-made?

One of the biggest complaints amongst brides when it comes to original antique engagement rings created around 50 years ago is that the small diamonds fall out of the setting. I’ve heard too many horror stories from women who have purchased their antique ring setting online, from a mall jeweler, or a big box store. They either say the craftsmanship is poor quality or it’s simply aged over time to a point that it’s no longer safe to wear.

Going “custom” allows you to recreate the look of any diamond antique engagement ring, so you can get the exact style you’ve been searching for.

A custom-made ring is truly one of a kind. Even if it’s a replica of a ring made a hundred years ago, it’s still unique and created just for you, instead of being made along an assembly line.

Diamond engagement rings are symbols of your love – they are “forever.” Imagine being able to tell your girl that you played a crucial role in how the ring was designed, and that there are no others like it.

She’ll love knowing that you put in the extra time and effort to give her the perfect ring, instead of choosing one at random out of a jewelry case.

Recreating The Beauty of Diamond Antique Engagement Rings

Vanessa Nicole is an award-winning designer, master diamond setter and author of the bestselling book The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring. She creates stunning custom antique engagement rings for clients all around the globe.

Watch below as Vanessa sets a cushion cut blue sapphire into an antique engagement ring setting.

In many ways, having her engagement ring custom-made is a lot easier than searching endlessly for an antique you will probably never find. Instead of dealing with often pushy jewelry salespeople, you’ll work with a designer who truly cares about you, your woman and about creating the perfect ring.

When you use an experienced, award-winning designer like Vanessa Nicole, the process of creating your ring is simple and straightforward:

First, you’ll set up an appointment at Vanessa’s studio to share some basic details about the ring you’re looking for. If you can’t visit Vanessa’s jewelry studio in San Diego, you and Vanessa can communicate by email or phone. VNJ helps clients all over the world.

Next, you’ll fill out the “Dream Ring Questionnaire,” enabling you to provide more specific information about the exact ring you’re looking for (don’t worry if you’re not sure or know nothing about rings!). You can even provide pictures of other rings you like to help design the setting for your ring.

Based on your questionnaire answers, Vanessa will visit multiple diamond dealers to create a selection of diamonds for you to choose from. You’ll receive a computer rendering of your ring before it’s made, so that you can give the final approval or make any adjustments. Once you’ve approved the model, it will be just a few weeks before it is ready!

Contact Vanessa today to see how easy it is to get a beautiful, custom-made engagement ring in the style of virtually any antique – but even more special and stunning!

Want Vanessa to create your diamond ring?