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Custom Design Engagement Ring

Wow Her with a Custom Design Engagement Ring


Showing Off Her New Custom Design Engagement Ring In The Jewelry StoreSurprising your girl with a custom design engagement ring is sure to be one of the most special and memorable moments of her life. 

You’ve already made a great decision to put in the extra effort to give her the ring of her dreams. And that alone will be enough to knock her off her feet and produce the “yes!” you’re looking for. But if you want to truly wow her when you pop the big question (and long after), then there are a few things you can do to ensure that your ring is absolutely perfect.

Other guys dread the process of shopping for engagement rings. And when they buy from traditional jewelry stores, they ultimately choose whichever ring the salesperson pressures them into buying. Doesn’t your girl deserve something better than that?

If you’re ready to win her over, all over again, with a custom design engagement ring, here are some tips to making it absolutely perfect.


Tips for a Perfect Custom Design Engagement Ring

Start with the jewelry she already has. One of the easiest ways to tell what style(s) of jewelry your girl likes is to look at the pieces she already owns. Do you see any commonalities? Any unique features she chooses, over and over?

If possible, take some pictures of some of her favorite jewelry and provide them to the person who will be creating her custom design engagement ring.

Consider what she likes. Think about the styles she likes – not just jewelry, but the clothes she wears, the interior decorations she prefers, the historical periods she says she wished she could have lived in, and so on. Does she tend to prefer more modern designs, timeless and classic, or somewhere in between?

Talk to her friends and family. Her friends, sisters and her mom are invaluable resources for determining the types of ring your girl will absolutely love. Unless you’re keeping your proposal a complete surprise, then don’t be afraid to ask around for ideas. It’s as simple as sending a few emails.

Pay attention. Let’s face it – if you’re getting ready to propose, then it probably won’t be a total surprise to your girl. She’s probably already thinking about it, and chances are she’s already giving you hints on what type of ring she might like. Listen carefully for any cues, whether you’re simply watching TV or out shopping.

Think about including her in the process. When creating a custom design engagement ring, it’s very common to involve your soon-to-be fiancée in the process. Sure, it removes the element of surprise somewhat, but she’ll love designing the ring with you, and it’s the only way to 100% ensure she gets the ring of her dreams.

Remember: you can always surprise her with a proposal using a solitaire engagement ring, and simply let her know that the perfect ring is still to come.


Start Planning Your Custom Design Engagement Ring Today

Vanessa Nicole – Custom Design Engagement Ring

Vanessa Nicole Jewels designs gorgeous, custom design engagement rings for clients all over the world. Based in San Diego, CA, award-winning designer and master diamond setter Vanessa Nicole will work with you one-on-one, in person or by phone and email, to create the perfect ring.

We design every ring individually, one at time, using only the best materials and exceptional craftsmanship that you simply won’t find at traditional jewelry shops. Vanessa Nicole makes the entire process simple and stress-free, and she’s happy to provide her expertise if you’re not sure what style your special girl prefers.

Contact Vanessa now to start your custom design engagement ring today!

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