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Custom Design Engagement Rings

Custom Design Engagement Rings – Six Frequently Asked Questions


Vanessa Nicole with custom design engagement rings.Giving your partner a custom design engagement ring is a big decision – one that will make the “YES!” moment so much more special and will show her that your love for her is truly one of a kind.  

But if you’re new to the process of shopping for custom jewelry, then you probably have several questions. Whether you already know what you’re looking for, or have no clue, there are a few things you should know as you begin your journey to creating the perfect ring.  

Below are some frequently asked questions we receive about custom design engagement rings, how we create them and what it’s like working with the designer. Take a quick look through the answers to see what you can expect when using Vanessa Nicole Jewels to design the ring of her dreams.  


Custom Design Engagement Ring FAQ

➤ Why should I get a custom design engagement ring?

Several reasons! For starters, it shows that you are willing to put in the extra effort and attention to detail to getting her the perfect ring. She is truly special to you, right? So why not give her a ring that is a reflection of that unique bond you share with her.

Next big reason: the rings sold in the big jewelry stores almost always come from overseas factories. There are tens of thousands of copies, poorly made along assembly lines and distributed all over the world. Buy one of those rings and chances are thousands of other women have the exact same thing. Doesn’t your girl deserve something more unique, higher quality and designed with an actual story behind it?


➤ How do I choose the look?

If you have images of styles she likes, jewelry she already owns or just vague ideas of features you want to incorporate, all of these things will help us create the perfect ring. Even if you have no idea where to start, we can help. We’ll start by providing you with our “Dream Ring Questionnaire” to get some of your initial ideas and input.


Check out our custom Sapphire engagement ring! - custom design engagement rings➤ Do I work directly with the designer?

Yes! At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, this is very important to us. Award-winning designer Vanessa Nicole herself will meet with you to get to know you (and your girl), listen to your needs and wishes and discuss your options.


➤ What if I can make it to your San Diego jewelry store?

No problem! Vanessa works with clients all over the world. Some fly in to meet with Vanessa, while others prefer to communicate by phone and email.    


➤ Can I choose the diamond?

Absolutely. You have complete control over the diamond that goes in your custom design engagement ring. Vanessa works with top dealers to give you a gorgeous selection of diamonds to choose from, each of which must meet our rigorous quality standards.    


➤ How will I know what the ring will look like?

This is the fun part – you will receive a 3D computer rendering before the ring is made. This will allow you to see your ring design from all angles and make any final adjustments before it’s created.    


Have Questions About Your Custom Design Engagement Ring? Contact Vanessa!

Custom design engagement ring that a couple are smiling about.If you have any other questions about a custom engagement ring (Related News) from Vanessa Nicole Jewels, don’t hesitate to ask.

We invite you to email Vanessa directly for more information, so you can feel confident about creating the perfect ring.


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