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Example of a Making of the Ring™ DVD for your engagement ring.

Top 2 Ways VNJ Is Different from Other Jewelry Stores for Custom Engagement Rings:

1.The Making of the Ring™ DVD service is available with every engagement ring, which documents the entire process of creating her custom, one-of-a-kind engagement ring up close, in high definition. Each man is interviewed about what they love about their future fiance and what they’re looking forward to in their marriage. This voiceover is then layered on top of the footage showcasing her one-of-a-king ring being made exclusively for her.

2.Vanessa is an international diamond setting consultant who teaches other jewelers around the world how to create custom engagement rings from scratch. She apprenticed with a 3rd generation Russian master jeweler to become an expert diamond setter specializing in micro pavé. With nearly a million Youtube views, Vanessa guides future brides & grooms on the best ways to select the perfect engagement ring.

“She said it is exactly what she wanted”

Client Review – I just wanted to let you know that Rachel loves the ring! She said it is exactly what she wanted (and it fits too!). Thank you so much for making the perfect ring, and being so helpful and responsive to my ideas. If any of my friends are looking for a place to have a ring made in the future I will send them your way. Sincerely, Theo M.


I’m Vanessa Nicole and I create custom, one-of-a-kind engagement rings.

My specialty is micro pavé, which is a highly specialized diamond setting skill that is performed under a microscope. It is a very popular design element for custom engagement rings.

I’ve heard so many horror stories from women who have purchased their engagement rings setting online, from a big box store, or a mall jeweler only to find that the craftsmanship is poor quality. Most engagement rings are made on an assembly line overseas, creating the ring from a mold with the metal being as thin as possible. This keeps the cost low, but you have to continually visit the store again and again for repairs.

Why not invest a bit more upfront to make it right the first time? Personally, I would hate for anything to go wrong with my own custom engagement ring because there is SO much sentiment behind it. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Custom diamond ring jeweler Vanessa Nicole

No matter where you ultimately choose to invest in your custom rings setting, enjoy the process and take lots of pictures! Let me know if you need any guidance – I’m happy to help

All the best, Vanessa Nicole

“Vanessa has mastered her craft”

Client Review – Vanessa Nicole Jewels Vanessa was a pleasure to work with from start to finish and her work is amazing. My ring is just stunning! I feel like she had a better understanding of what I wanted than I did. Vanessa has mastered her craft, I’m so glad my fiancé came across her website. I can’t wait to design our wedding bands! ~Keith & Alyssa San Diego, CA

The 1st Step in Designing Custom Rings is Selecting the Material for Your Setting

White Gold

Yellow Gold


The 2nd Step in Designing Custom Rings is Selecting the Style for Your Setting

Classic /

Antique /


The 3rd Step is Deciding if You Want Any Decorative Elements on Your Personalized Engagement Ring Setting




“I sincerely could not be happier!”

Client Review – I think Vanessa is an angel from above! She and my fiance designed my engagement ring, and I sincerely could not be happier. My ring is perfectly me; I could not have done any better. Vanessa is so sweet and completely empathetic towards budget. The quality is there ten fold. I would recommend her to anyone! I was blessed to meet her when I got the ring re-sized. She is super helpful, knowledgeable, and a joy to encounter. ~Alicia Rasmussen

What Size Diamond Should You Choose???

Below is a private video I created for a client showing what a .70ct I-SI1 cushion cut diamond looks like in a Vanessa Nicole Jewels antique style custom rings setting.

You’ll see that a diamond under 1ct with two halos covers the finger with a lot of bling! Because halos are a great element on personalized engagement rings, they allow you to get more sparkle for less money invested in the center diamond.

Worried about Custom Engagement Rings?

Some clients are apprehensive about having custom rings created rather than simply purchasing a pre-made ring because they fear it won’t look like what they want. *We have a solution for that!* For all custom rings, a CAD model is created on the computer which shows every angle of your ring before it is actually created in metal. If necessary, you can make any adjustments to your ring’s CAD model until you approve of the final design. We’ve never had a ring returned, so that’s pretty good odds that you’ll love your personalized engagement ring

When you purchase a pre-made ring at a traditional jewelry store, tens of thousands of the exact same ring are being worn by other women. There is certainly value in overseas manufacturing, but not when it comes to engagement rings.

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, we don’t carry an inventory of rings that were made months or years ago. Each ring is created one at a time, just for you.

Watch Christine Receive Her Custom Engagement Ring:


50% of our engagement rings are created for clients who don’t live in San Diego. You can read more about the process for “out-of-towners” HERE. (Also, because Vanessa is half Australian, she enjoys making rings for Aussies – with the dollar value on their side right now along with duty free shipping, they often call on VNJ for their custom rings!)

There are many options when it comes to the design of your ring. You may decide to infuse contemporary elements such as a thick, clean diamond bezel into an antique design. When it comes to custom rings, we can do pretty much anything you desire! You’ll see a lot of designs to choose from, and we would be delighted to discuss creating your DREAM custom engagement ring.

Custom engagement rings are the BEST!

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