Custom Halo Engagement Rings: My Top 5 Styles and Options

A custom halo engagement ring is one of my favorite engagement ring styles. This is the ring I think of when I'm going for that over-the-top, decadent sparkle and wow factor. There are many different design options to consider, especially if you want a custom-made halo ring. 

Round Halo Engagement Ring - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

If you’re considering a halo engagement ring, getting one custom-made will give you the most beautiful ring for your budget. 

We’ll cover my top five halo ring styles and the design options and nuances that go into making each ring the ring of her dreams.

1. Classic Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Oval classic Halo platinum Engagement Ring

Classic halo diamond rings are the type of diamond engagement ring that I get the most requests for, and they're also one of my favorites because everything about them is timeless and classic. A classic halo engagement ring is just a halo around the center diamond and diamonds down the side.

shank - anatomy of a ring

The band is more traditionally called the shank, so in this case, I'm going to refer to it that way. A lot of my clients will refer to it as a band, but really, when I'm saying the word band, I often think of the wedding band.


The main benefit of a halo ring is that it makes the diamond look bigger than it is. But if you don’t have the right proportions, it can actually make the diamond look smaller and make the whole ring look fragmented.

One thing to remember with the classic Halo style is the proportion of the Halo and the band next to the center diamond.  

When you look at the Halo, you want it to be proportional to the center diamond because you don't want to overpower the shape of it and its size. If you do, it's actually going to make the center diamond look smaller. It's a visual trick, so making it proportional is going to enhance the center Diamond rather than overpower it. 

diamond to halo ratio

One way to do that is to take the measurements of the diamond. I scan the outer shape of the diamond, and then I make that halo perfectly proportioned to the center stone. 

diamond measurements for halo size

The next step is to make sure that the shank is in perfect proportion with that Halo. It doesn't necessarily mean they have to be the same size, but they do have to look harmonious when positioned together. 

petite shank to halo ratio

I've seen much thicker Halos next to the center diamond, and we don't necessarily use one same-size diamond all the way around the Halo. If you really want that tight, seamless fit, it sometimes requires the size to be adjusted. It’s important to pay attention to what makes the most sense for that size of diamond. 

A two-carat weight ring would have a different size halo than a one-carat, and the same thing would apply to a four-carat versus a two-carat. Every ring really is specific to the measurements of the center Diamond. 

These subtle distinctions and differences in proportion are what separate a custom-designed ring that you don’t see in off-the-shelf, mass-produced rings.

Wedding Band Pairing and Stacking

If you want to have a higher contrast with the wedding band next to the engagement ring, then you want to have a petite shank on the engagement ring so you can have that visual contrast with a much wider wedding band, such as this ring here. 

What that achieves is this beautiful mismatched look, but it looks as though it was meant to go together with it. However, if the band and the shank were the same width, it might start to overpower the finger. 

band and shank pairing

Sometimes, people actually stack several rings onto the finger, in which case you don't want one that is too big or two that are too big in size because you really want that mismatched look for contrast, but it still has to harmoniously all go together. 

Stacking rings is a very popular trend right now, and I don't see that going away anytime soon. Especially with anniversaries, you can pair another wedding band next to it.  They don't have to be the same design, but they do have to look as though they match the overall set as far as the proportions and symmetry go. 

The classic halo is a beautiful, timeless style. It pairs with wedding bands beautifully.

2. Double-Edge Diamond Halo Rings

double edge halo engagement ring style

The second top halo design is called a double-edge halo. This means there are diamonds on the top of the Halo and the sides. So when you tilt your ring three-quarter angles from side to side, you'll notice diamonds everywhere. 

It pairs well with any type of diamond shape; it's absolutely stunning and just looks incredibly sparkling. 

double edge round halo engagement ring

From the top view, you have that classic Halo appearance, and then from the side view, you have that extra pop of Sparkle. I wouldn't say a double-edged halo makes or breaks a halo ring. It's more just one of those nice bonuses to have if you have extra funds within your budget to accommodate that. 

Proper Structure for Security

With cushion shapes, it's ideal to have double claw prongs to hold the diamond more securely than single prongs.

You can do single prongs on a cushion shape, and it will work, but structurally, it just makes more sense to have that extra level of security because there are technically no corners of a cushion-shaped diamond because it's almost like a pillow shape with rounded corners. 

cushion halo ring with double claw prongs

If you’re worried that double prongs will look too bulky, I hand sculpt all of the prongs so they look sleek. It’s also important to align them in a way that they mimic the facets of the diamond.

Double-Edged Halo On A Smaller Center Diamond

You might wonder if having a double-edged Halo on a smaller Diamond makes sense, but it doesn’t matter if it's a large or small diamond. It's just a matter of playing with the sizes and proportions and what fits best so that it doesn't overpower that Center Diamond.

3. Split Shank Halo Rings

A split-shank halo setting has two rows of diamonds leading up to the center stone, and it's absolutely sparkling. Split shanks come in a couple of different styles: the Y shape and a deep V.

Y Shape Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Y Split shank

The Y shape pinches towards the top and has this beautiful little dramatic curve at the top. The Y shape gives the ring a bold, modern look.

Deep V Split Shank Halo Engagement Rings

V split shank

You can also go with a deep V split shank, giving it a feminine, romantic feel.

Pairing Split Shank Halos with Wedding Bands

When it comes to pairing a wedding band with a split shank, you want to be mindful of that in advance because it is going to require a shadow band that curves around the shape of the engagement ring if you want to have no gap between the engagement ring and the wedding band. 

Some women like not wearing a wedding band, so they almost have this illusion of having two bands on their finger with a split shank, but it's just in the one ring. 

And other women really like having a lot of bands, and in addition to the split shank, so there are options. You could have a band on either side for symmetry purposes, and they can be shadow bands that curve around the split shank. It fills out the finger a lot more with diamonds.

If you have more of the wide split shank, you don't necessarily need a shadow band because a straight band pairs really beautifully with it. There will just be a slight minimal gap between the two rings, which is really common.

4. Smooth Shank Halo Engagement Rings

knife edge round custom halo ring

What makes this design interesting is that it keeps all of the emphasis on the Halo and Center diamond. When it's worn on the finger, it almost appears as though the shank completely disappears and just blends in with your skin, so all you see is that pop of sparkle right on top of your finger. 

A wedding band can pair beautifully with this type of ring for added contrast because if you just have diamonds everywhere, your eye just focuses on one big sparkle, whereas other people like the visual contrast between metal and diamond. 

Comfort vs Beauty? Can you have Both?

When it comes to the shape of the shank, I prefer a knife edge on top and half round on the bottom. This makes it really comfortable between the fingers. 

At the top, we barely see this beautiful knife edge pinch that really emphasizes the shape of the halo and center diamond. 

You can create the shape of the shank to be either fully round or flat or half round on the bottom and then that knife edge on top. The knife edge is a nice, sleek design because it really makes the eye focus on only the sparkle that's on top of your finger.

5. Custom Cushion Halo Engagement Rings

Last but not least, my top five halo ring design is a round diamond with a cushion-shaped Halo. 

round diamond cushion halo ring

This is a unique spin on the halo ring when it comes to using a round diamond in the center because the outside shape of the halo is almost like a pillow whereas you have a round diamond. 

This is perfect for the person who loves the faceting and round brilliant fiery appearance that comes with a round diamond, and they love having single claw prongs. But they also love the overall unique shape of the cushion halo. By pairing them together really well, it looks absolutely stunning, and you can also play with the type of shank. 

Round Diamond Cushion Halo Ring | Double-Edge Halo

This particular style is one of my specialties. If you want this style, you want to go to a place that specializes in the round diamond within a cushioned halo because there is nothing worse than a halo ring with gaps in those corners that weren't matched perfectly. 

You don't want it to appear as though you purchased a round diamond and just set it into a pre-made cushion-shaped halo setting. You want it to look as if it was made for it. When designing this type of ring, I make sure it has virtually no gaps in the corners. 

If you take a look at this design, this client loved the look of a wider band, but she didn't just want it to look blocky. She wanted almost a lace effect, so we created a split shank and then inserted floating diamonds in between that split shank. This was a way for someone who doesn't want a wedding band and really wants to see a lot of sparkle on their finger to have the unique shape of the cushion-shaped halo with a very unique type of band. 

Micro Pavé

One detail that can make or break a halo ring is the spacing of the diamonds. Too much of a gap between the diamonds makes the ring look cheap. Whereas, a method I specialize in creates a beautiful, seamless look with minimal gaps between the stones. You can learn more about micro pavé style here

Create The Custom Halo Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

If you're looking to create your very own custom diamond ring, feel free to reach out to contact the studio. I would love to learn more about what you're looking to create. It would be an honor to make your custom ring.

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