Guide To Custom Oval Engagement Rings: Custom Design Details and Options

Creating a custom oval engagement ring is an exciting journey, offering endless design options to make this timeless shape truly your own.

Many couples overlook details that can make their ring truly unique and special.

 This guide will help familiarize you with the many different design details you might consider when you're designing an oval ring that perfectly aligns with your personal taste and love story.

oval cut diamond solitaire

The Beauty of Custom Oval Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, oval diamonds take the lead in being among the most sought-after stone shapes after rounds. Couples looking for an elegant and sophisticated style that boasts brilliance from round cut diamond’s form but has its own elongated shape.

Personalizing your engagement ring design can be done easily when selecting an oval option. Making them customizable enough to fit any preference and perfectly match each couple’s unique love story. Not only is this type timeless, but it guarantees uniqueness as well!

The modern twist on a classic style

Oval diamonds, with their elongated shape, creating the impression of being larger than other shapes and brilliant sparkle thanks to their increased number of facets, have become a popular choice for engagement rings. With modern variations on this classic style, such as stylish three-stone designs or vintage-inspired settings continuing to rise in popularity over recent years, an oval diamond engagement ring will surely make a unique statement that will stand out from traditional styles. 

This type of diamond also offers size benefits compared to many round cuts because it gives off the illusion that it’s bigger on your finger!

Why Customization Matters

A proposal is one of the most memorable moments in a person's life. It's the moment when her body tingles and chills run up her spine. When you open that ring box, you want her to have a feeling of awe that she gets to wear this ring for the rest of her life.

You need to choose the right setting style for that oval diamond to do that. One that gives maximum sparkle and a style that suits her personal taste.

Certain details in a ring take it from nice to AMAZING. If she's going to wear it every day for the rest of her life, I'm sure you want amazing. One of them is the effort and thought you put into creating it.

Let's explore the other details that make an oval diamond ring exceptional.

Designing Your Dream Oval Engagement Ring

The journey of customizing and personalizing the perfect oval engagement ring is truly remarkable. Your decisions on its metal, setting, and specific design details come together to form a ring that sparkles from across the room.

Choosing The Right Metal: Gold Or Platinum?

When it comes to deciding which metal is best for your oval engagement ring, gold and platinum have proven popular choices.

Yellow gold offers a classic look that has been around forever, while the warm hues can reduce the yellowish tint of lower-quality diamonds, making them appear lighter in hue.

On top of this durability against tarnishing, platinum rings are also a good option. It pairs well with a colorless diamond, and its timeless aesthetic will surely fit any style.

Ultimately, picking out the right precious metal will depend on personal preference.

Settings and Customizations

Selecting the ideal setting is essential to depict your love story within your oval engagement ring. With styles like solitaire, halo, and three stone for selection, let's explore customizations to accommodate every taste and preference.

Custom Oval Halo Engagement Rings

oval custom classic halo engagement ring

A halo-set oval engagement ring is a showstopper - it boasts an eye-catching design with its large central diamond in the middle, bordered by a line of smaller diamonds or gems. These rings can be customized to personal taste through different styles, such as single and double halos.

The tiny diamonds along the perimeter add extra brilliance and make the center stone look even larger. Here's what you need to know when choosing a halo setting for an oval diamond.

Seamless Design

The key to an exceptional halo setting is ensuring there are no gaps between the oval diamond and the setting. A seamless halo is built to be structurally tight around the center diamond to protect it and give it a flawless appearance.

The benefit of getting a ring custom made is to avoid the dark gaps commonly found in engagement rings you find at most retailers that sell mass-produced rings.

Not a seamless halo ring with dark gap


A master diamond setter like Vanessa will ensure that the diamonds in the halo are proportional to the center diamond and don't overpower it but give it an even sparkle all around.

Thin Prongs

Thin, sleek claw prongs allow the setting to blend in with the oval diamond. A good diamond setter will align the prongs to the triangular facets of the diamond, so you don't notice the prongs are even there.

Placement of Diamonds

dark gaps between diamonds

The diamonds in a halo setting should be placed very close together with no gaps. If you purchase a ready-made ring from a store, you'll often find this because it allows for flexibility when it comes to setting different size stones.

But when you create a custom ring, the jeweler can set these stones closer together. It looks beautiful and keeps debris and grime from settling into the gaps as easily so the focus is on the diamond, not the dark gaps between stones.

no dark gaps between diamonds

Split Shank

split shank engagement ring setting

A setting with a split shank is a design option that makes a ring look unique. It splits off at the top of the ring, giving it a beautiful, dramatic curve.

Euro Shank

euro shank setting

A euro shank is a slight corner at the base of the ring where it catches on the finger, preventing it from rotating too far from one side or another. It's a feature popular in Europe and works for rings with diamonds that extend halfway or three-quarters of the way down.

Hidden Gem

hidden gem customization

This is a custom feature that only the couple knows about. It's a birthstone or gem that's placed in a secret, hidden spot in the ring. The options for placement depend on the style of the ring. An engraving could be added here as well.

Two Tone Setting

A two-tone setting combines two different metals or metal colors in a single ring. In the case of the ring pictured here, platinum was used in the halo portion of the ring, and rose gold at the base. It gives the ring a very unique look. You could opt for yellow gold in place of rose gold as well.

example of two tone custom oval halo engagement ring in rose and white gold

Custom Oval Solitaire Engagement Rings

Pavé Band Setting

The pavé style has diamonds set down the sides. There are a few customizable options with this type of setting.

Pavé with Hidden Halo

hidden halo custom engagement ring

A hidden halo is just that, a halo that's set under the crown of the diamond, so its only visible from the side. With this type of setting, the claw prongs are placed in a way that doesn't look bulky, giving an illusion that the diamond is suspended in air.

Cathedral Effect

In this solitaire setting, the pave diamonds extend up to the support bar near the crown of the diamond. This effect adds an extra layer of support, removing the harsh angle where the diamond meets the ring. This prevents the diamond from catching on things. Depending on the size of the diamond, ladies find this to be a convenient feature.

cathedral effect custom setting

Lower Set Diamond

lower set diamond

This is a great option for the woman who loves the look of a pavé solitaire, but doesn't want it set too high. She may work with her hands or wear gloves and doesn't want the diamond to jut out too high.

One thing to be aware of with this option is that the wedding ring may not sit flush next to the engagement ring because the diamond is set low.

Smooth Oval Diamond Solitaire Setting Customizations

This classic, stunning option works beautifully with any diamond shape. Because of the clean design, be sure that your oval diamond is top-notch, as it is the star of the show here.

Knife Edge vs Rounded vs Custom

With this setting, the metal portion of the ring can be rounded or knife-edge-shaped. The knife edge gives it a sleek, modern, tapered look. A benefit of getting a custom engagement ring is that you can get the best of both worlds and get a half-round, half-knife edge with the top part being a knife edge and the bottom part, or halfway point it fades to a rounded edge.

This gives a sleek look at the top, giving the appearance that the center diamond is larger than it actually is, with the comfort of a rounded edge where it hits the fingers.

comfort fit edge

Half Round

Some prefer the bolder look of the rounded setting. In setting as with all of the settings, Vanessa polishes the inside of the setting so that it's shiny and not dull. This allows the diamond to reflect its brilliance onto a shiny metal, giving it extra brilliance. These are the extra touches you should expect when you're getting a custom-made ring custom made.

Custom Squared Solitaire Setting

This is a sleek, modern twist on a classic setting. The edges are squared off, giving it a crisp, bold look. The ring's interior can be smoothed down, giving it a more comfortable fit. Most mass-manufactured rings have a crisp edge; a comfort fit edge is a much more comfortable option, especially when you're squeezing your fingers or shaking someone's hand.

Custom Design Details

custom ring design details

Getting a ring custom made allows you to have the look you want with special touches that fit your lifestyle. In the case of this ring, the top of the solitaire setting is knife-edge and half-round at the bottom. The diamond was set very low to the finger with a cathedral and hidden halo.

At the base of the diamond, the donut hole was shaped to match the oval shape of the diamond. All of these personalized details are thought out when you get your ring custom-made, even with a seemingly simple design like a solitaire.

Custom Three Stone Oval Engagement Rings

The beauty of a custom three-stone setting is that you can select any side stone variation you like. Let's explore some options.

Because of their curves, marquise and pear-shaped stones on the side of the center oval diamond are great options.

pear shape side stones on a three stone oval ring
marquis side stones in three stone oval ring

When pairing side stones, it's important to match the color grade of the side stones to the center stone, or it will look as if something is "off."

Because the three stone is such a simple design, the lines and angles of the stones need to align to create a cohesive look.

Crown Effect

crown effect in custom setting

Another option with a three-stone ring is to implement a crown effect. It gives it a regal look with a little more structure.

Double Claw Prongs

Here's an example of an oval ring with double-claw prongs. Typically, this is added for extra structural integrity, providing more security, but in the case of this ring, it wasn't necessary.

 The client liked the look of it but changed her mind after seeing the CAD rendering, a nice benefit of having a ring custom made.

ring with double claw prongs

Curved or Straight Crown

curved or straight crown or trellis effect crown custom setting

The crown can even be customized to be curved or straight. Or, as in the case of this round three stone ring on the right, the design has an elegant trellis effect.


When you get a ring custom-made by a highly skilled jeweler, the smallest element like the prongs of the ring, are shaped to enhance the overall design of the ring. Pre-made rings are mass-manufactured, so these features are standard across all designs. A skilled jeweler will take the time to shape and polish the prongs so they caress each diamond.

Tips for Choosing High-Quality Oval Diamonds

Finding the perfect oval diamond for your engagement ring is key to having it match the beauty, dazzle, and love that it stands for. To select the best option available, you should take into consideration a few elements like evaluating its cut quality, familiarizing yourself with clarity and color grades of diamonds, and striking an equilibrium between carat weight and overall excellence.

Examining these aspects in more detail will assist you greatly when deciding on just which oval diamond works ideal for your remarkable proposal ring.

Evaluating the cut of an oval diamond

When assessing an oval diamond’s cut, one should look at the length-to-width ratio, color, clarity, and brilliance. The ideal cut of such a stone would include a table percentage between 53 and 63% and a depth percentage between 58 to 62% with 1.35 -1.50 as its length-to-width ratio for optimal beauty and sparkle level that reflects light more efficiently, resulting in both brilliant fire display too! To ensure you get the best out of your special choice – making sure it is properly balanced when it comes to its visual appeal – never forget about evaluating each aspect carefully before proceeding ahead!


If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring that your future fiancé will adore for the rest of her life, consider getting one custom-made. Book a call with Vanessa Nicole. She has a 100% happiness guarantee. She will guide you through all of the options to create the ring of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hailey Bieber engagement ring?

The engagement ring of Hailey Bieber is an oval-cut diamond set on a yellow gold band crafted by the renowned Jack Solow from Solow & Co. Inc. Diamond Jewelers. With its estimable size ranging between 6 and 10 carats, it creates an enchanting shape with an immense glimmer effect that has made this piece truly remarkable in terms of jewelry-making techniques.

Is it expensive to have a ring custom made?

The cost of a custom-made ring can vary greatly, depending upon the intricacy and complexity of its design and the size and quality of the materials, like the metal and diamond or gemstones.

If you are planning to spend $10,000 or more on an engagement ring, you may want to consider having your ring custom made. When you buy a ring from a retailer, you are paying for overhead and sales commissions, whereas a custom ring jeweler works one-on-one with you and has less overhead costs.

What does the oval cut engagement ring mean?

Oval engagement rings are widely seen as a symbol of unending love, being symbolic of creative energy, and embracing new beginnings with the potential for children and family. This classic shape is an aesthetically beautiful expression that perfectly encapsulates what comes along with marriage commitments.

What makes oval diamonds unique compared to other diamond shapes?

Oval diamonds have a unique shape, providing them with an increased surface area compared to round brilliant cut gems and thus creating the illusion of greater size despite having equal carat weight. This elongated form provides a modern flavor when juxtaposed against more traditional styles. Making it desirable for those seeking something original yet elegant.

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