Designer Engagement Rings – Buying A Custom Engagement Ring

What do you picture when you think of “designer engagement rings”?

If you’re not familiar with the jewelry industry today, then maybe you’re envisioning some of the rings shown on TV commercials from the national jewelry store chains.

Or, maybe you’re picturing the high-end shops at places like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, where the celebrities go to buy their jewelry. 

You may be surprised to learn that often jewelry stores affix the name of a well-known designer on them to make you think you’re buying something more valuable. 

In reality, most of the jewelry found in traditional stores today is manufactured in bulk overseas and re-branded for several different retailers in the U.S. (and marked up in price considerably!).

That means that the ring you thought was special and unique is probably already being worn by hundreds or thousands of other women around the world.

If you want a real designer ringone that is truly special, one of a kind and crafted by a skilled designer – then it’s best to go straight to the designer yourself and have it custom made. 

Here are some simple tips to buying a unique, custom engagement ring your girl will love.

How To Shop For Custom Designer Engagement Rings

1. Find a talented designer

Not all designer engagement rings have the same quality of craftsmanship or beauty. To ensure you get the stunning design you want, made with the best materials and meticulous attention to detail, then be sure to use an experienced designer who is master in the trade.

2. Describe your perfect ring

Once you have an idea of how your ring should look, or if you want an expert opinion to guide you in the right direction, then it’s time to talk to the designer.

This usually begins with a basic questionnaire, but be sure you are able to communicate directly with the designer to ensure your own questions are answered and that your ring comes out perfect.

3. Design the setting and select the diamond(s)

Based on your input, the designer will begin to work on a computer rendering of your ring, which you’ll approve before the ring is made. Be wary of jewelry stores that already have large inventories of diamonds, because stores will do whatever it takes to sell their inventory fast – even if it means using hard sales tactics to push you toward something that’s not what you want.

4. Prepare for a big YES moment!

A true designer engagement ring (Related News) that has been carefully crafted, just for you, is truly stunning, and your partner will love that you put in the extra effort to find something perfect for her.

Custom, Designer Engagement Rings At Vanessa Nicole Jewels

Vanessa Nicole Jewels is NOT a traditional jewelry store – it’s a design studio where custom engagement rings are created exclusively for you. 

Based in San Diego, CA, skilled designer Vanessa Nicole creates custom rings for clients nationwide, as well as internationally.

Contact Vanessa today to get started on your dream engagement ring!

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