Diamond Antique Engagement Rings

Get the Look of Diamond Antique Engagement Rings, Custom-Made Just For You


Diamond antique engagement rings are highly sought-after for their timeless beauty and unique character. Styles that were popular decades ago remain some of the most beautiful options for engagement rings, especially when compared to the cheaply made, mass-produced rings found in most jewelry stores today.  

But if you’ve tried searching for diamond antique engagement rings, then you’ve probably already discovered that finding the perfect ring is not so easy – especially if you have a specific style or design you’re looking for.

More determined guys will go from jewelry store to jewelry store, and all the antique shops, to try to find their girl’s dream ring. But the chances of finding the exact ring you want are slim to none. Even if you are lucky enough to find something close, you’ll probably need to have it altered to fit your girl’s finger. Even then, it won’t be “perfect.”

But don’t give up yet! There’s a simpler way to get the ring you’ve been looking for – without sacrificing one bit of beauty or quality – and once your partner knows how much thought you’ve put into it, she’ll see it’s even more special.  

By having your engagement ring custom-made by a talented designer, you can get the exact look you want, with all the unique details and markings of an antique.   


The Beauty of Diamond Antique Engagement Rings – But Even More Unique

Why consider having your ring custom-made?

Diamond Antique Engagement RingsGoing “custom” allows you to recreate the look of any diamond antique engagement rings, so you can get the exact style you’ve been searching for.

A custom-made ring is truly one of a kind. Even if it’s a replica of a ring made a hundred years ago, it’s still unique and created just for you, instead of being made along assembly lines.  

Diamond engagement rings are symbols of your love – they are “forever.” Imagine being able to tell your girl that you played a crucial role in how the ring was designed, and that there are no others like it.

She’ll love knowing that you put in the extra time and effort to give her the perfect ring, instead of choosing one at random out of a jewelry case.


How Does it Work?

When you use an experienced, award-winning designer like Vanessa Nicole, the process of creating your ring is simple and straightforward:  

Vanessa Nicole Jewels - Diamond Antique Engagement Rings” width=First, you’ll set up an appointment at Vanessa’s studio to share some basic details about the ring you’re looking for. If you can’t visit Vanessa’s jewelry studio in San Diego, you and Vanessa can communicate by email and phone. VNJ helps clients all over the world.  

Next, you’ll fill out the “Dream Ring Questionnaire,” enabling you to provide more specific information about the exact ring you’re looking for (don’t worry if you’re not sure or know nothing about rings!). You can even provide pictures of other rings you like to help design the setting for your ring.

Based on your questionnaire answers, Vanessa will visit multiple diamond dealers to create a selection of diamonds (Related News) for you to choose from.  

You’ll receive a computer rendering of your ring before it’s made, so that you can give the final approval or make any adjustments. Once you’ve approved the model, it will be just a few weeks before it is ready!  

Vanessa Nicole is an award-winning designer, master diamond setter and author of the bestselling book The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring. She creates stunning custom antique engagement rings for clients all over the globe.

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