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Diamond rings from Vanessa Nicole Jewels are set with diamonds that come from a carefully selected network of diamond dealers whom all adhere to the Kimberley Process of providing conflict free diamonds. These diamonds are offered in any size, shape and quality to meet the desired criteria & budget of our clients.

Each diamond is certified and comes with a diamond consultation where we educate you about diamonds so you have the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision on selecting your stone. We offer only natural and real diamonds to our clients.

Diamonds are actually quite complex when it comes to all of the factors that determine its quality and price. At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, you will not be overwhelmed during your diamond education. Some jewelry stores like to show off how much they know about diamonds, which confuses clients since there are really only a few factors that are the most important when choosing a diamond.

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, you will only be shown diamonds in the upper echelon of quality, which means that of the 3-5 diamonds we show you, you can’t make a “wrong choice”. All the diamonds will be within your budget and they will be top quality. No way to fail!

Client Review –

“It sparkles like crazy!!!!!!! Vanessa Nicole Jewels mean Omg!!!!!!! We just LOVE it!!!!!!! It’s even better than we imagined!!!!! It is the most gorgeous ring we have ever seen and we couldn’t be more happy!!!!” ~Dragan & Elizabeta M. Stockholm, Sweden

Step 1

The 1st Step in designing diamond rings with Vanessa Nicole Jewels is selecting the material for the setting.

White Gold

Yellow Gold


Step 2

The 2nd step in designing diamond rings with Vanessa Nicole Jewels is selecting the ring setting – this determines the overall appearance.

custom engagement ring

Classic / Traditional

Antique / Vintage

Diamond halo engagement ring with thick band


Rings can also be made with religious symbols or other personal engraving.

Step 3

The 3rd step in designing diamond rings with Vanessa Nicole Jewels would be determining the cut of your desired diamond.











Step 4

The 4th step would be to select the size and quality of your diamond. Your budget will help determine what options you have to select from.




Near Colorless


Slightly Tinted


Very Light Yellow


Light Yellow-Yellow

Client Review

“I’ve already had so many compliments!” I got engaged a month ago & my fiancé proposed with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen – made by Vanessa Nicole!!! As I’m writing this I cannot stop looking at my ring. I literally stop and look down at my hand numerous times a day. It is hard to come up with enough synonymous words with ‘beautiful’ to describe it. I’ve already had so many compliments! I love being able to tell people my fiancé helped to design the ring!” ~Stefanie D. San Diego, CA


Custom Engagement Rings - Vanessa Nicole Jewels

Misrepresentation of the Total Carat Weight

A ring that has a center diamond and small pavé diamonds down the band should be listed as: 1ct diamond and .20ctw side stones. If the company lists the ring as having a 1.2ct diamond, stay away. A 1ct diamond is worth much more than 200 small ones that weigh equal to 1ct because the larger the solid diamond, the more rare it is, thereby increasing its value.

You MUST stay away from stores that lump the total carat weight into one advertised carat weight for the center diamond. A lot of jewelry stores get sneaky by putting an asterisk (1.2carat*) next to a diamond ring image and then way down at the bottom of the ad it will show: *total weight.

Eternity Wedding Ring

Treated Diamonds are an Increasing Problem

Treated Diamonds are specific treatments using heat and pressure performed on natural diamonds that have poor qualities in order to improve the overall look of the diamond. While enhanced diamonds are real stones, the problem is that some jewelry stores sell these diamonds without explaining the pros & cons of buying this type of diamond.

It’s simply not enough to say “Clarity Enhanced” in the corner of the advertisement for diamond rings because most people don’t know what that means – and don’t think to ask. “Fracture filled” or “clarity enhanced” diamonds are often weaker than un-treated diamonds, causing them to be vulnerable to heat and makes the diamond more susceptible to chipping.

If someone takes their clarity enhanced diamond ring to get re-sized and doesn’t know to tell the jeweler, they are at risk for something terrible happening to the diamond. Heat from a torch, the steamer and the ultrasonic cleaner at a jewelry store can break the stones in diamond rings.

Client Review

“I literally couldn’t have been more happy with the way this entire process went. I just wanted to let you know that I finally gave Anna the ring last weekend and she ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!! Seriously, she cannot stop looking at it and smiling and giggling about how perfect it is. Thank you again so, so much for helping me to create this ring…we are just so happy right now.” ~ Dustin T. Raleigh, North Carolina


Vanessa Nicole

Rings from Vanessa Nicole Jewels are tested and graded by an experienced gemologist who publishes the certificate for diamonds. When it comes to a diamond engagement ring, only select from certified diamonds (unless you are personal friends with the jeweler and know they are trustworthy).

There are many types of diamonds and the properties of a diamond vary greatly. You will know if the diamond is certified if it comes with a GIA, EGL or AGS certification.

Before buying diamonds, learn about the characteristics of that particular diamond. Diamond grading is based on the Four C’s. Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. The most expensive diamond will have less color. The grades for color given by the gemologist are from D to Z. D represents the colorless diamond whereas the Z represents yellow color. The clarity of the diamond is graded by the flaw or inclusion present in the diamond. The last C represents the carat weight of diamond. The value of diamond increases if the carat weight is higher.

Most popular designs for rings are: three stone, solitaire, rings with side stones, rings with a lot of pavé for the BLING effect.

Client Review –

“I’m quite excited about writing this review because I feel that VNJ deserves more than 5 stars! It is somewhat scary to purchase something valuable over the internet (I live in London and she is based in San Diego) but Vanessa will keep you very informed all throughout the process. As a customer I felt comfortable. She answered all my questions promptly; she was never too busy for me. That’s what you call customer service! I felt that she definitely looked after me.” ~Kathleen Javalla London, England


Presenting a woman with a diamond ring is a significant point of a couple’s relationship. Diamonds are generally the most preferred choice for expressing your love and devotion. Antique style rings are quite popular right now and the classic solitaire is timeless.

There are many options for diamond ring styles to choose from. Offering rare rings are one of the most special gifts a woman can receive. When designing your engagement ring, consider the advice of the jeweler as well as they would be the right person to guide you based on job/lifestyle.

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