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Are you looking for engagement rings in Coronado? Feeling confused, unsure or overwhelmed by shopping at jewelry stores in Coronado or online?

Many of our clients felt the same way before they came to us. Read our customer testimonials and 5 star reviews and you will see that they walked away with beautiful, perfect engagement rings that their fiances love and adore and even enjoyed the process.

Why You Might Consider A Custom Engagement Ring

You get to take part in creating a ring she absolutely loves! Master Diamond Setter and Ring Designer, Vanessa Nicole, walks you through her process where she takes the time to learn about your future fiance, her style, taste and lifestyle. Then she creates 3D renderings so you can select your favorite design.

You get great value for your budget. Many think a custom designed ring would be a lot more expensive than a mass produced ring. But many traditional jewelry stores have high overhead costs and have to pay high sales commissions. Vanessa sources high quality wholesale diamonds that give you the most sparkle for value.

Her attention to detail results in a ring with superior craftsmanship. Plus, you get to take part in creating a ring that has meaning because she knows you took the time and effort to design a ring just for her that no one else has.

bob and jackie custom engagement ring

Bob & Jackie’s custom engagement ring CAD rendering

Bob & Jackie’s Custom Engagement Ring Experience

Bob was a joy to work with. It’s always a great collaboration when you can really tell how important it is for him to make it perfect for his future fiancee. After one of the weekly updates I sent him on the ring’s progress, Bob replied, “I am grinning from ear to ear. I’m getting really excited to see the incredible work that has been done.” And when it came to deciding what to engrave inside, he said, “I have been debating, but I will cut the cord tomorrow by mid-day and decide. I want it sincere, direct, loving and powerful but not corny. I know you must be laughing at my dilemma and use of prose.: VANESSA’S RESPONSE: “No laughing, just a warm smile because it’s so nice to work with someone who puts this much thought into making the engraved message perfect for the love of his life. Good for you :)”

Bob’s Thoughts On The Vanessa Nicole Experience


“WORDS CANNOT PROPERLY DESCRIBE!!! Vanessa is exceptional, knowledgeable, skilled, creative, genuine and caring. I could not have asked for a better experience in the design and creation of the perfect engagement ring. We methodically reviewed every detail.”

Full Review:

“I was very apprehensive at first to customize and engagement ring remotely from Delaware. I studied and developed questions and tested Vanessa’s responses. We built a rapport, which became essential. The use of pictures and models enabled me to know what was going to be created. She walked me through the process and lived up to EVERY commitment. A trust was built that made me consider Vanessa a true friend.

I had an idea of the perfect engagement ring. Taking that concept and actually designing it is an experience that is priceless. The selection of the ring style was critical, and Vanessa’s experience helped guide me.

The diamond selection was not difficult. Vanessa hand picked selections based off my criteria (cut, color, clarity, carat) which proved to be her prowess. This experience transcended much more than providing sample choices. We discussed how it would work with the ring style and the importance. Vanessa finely orchestrated my raw ideas into the perfect engagement ring.

bob and jackie proposal

Bob & Jackie

When the engagement ring was shipped, I was waiting with bated breath. I felt comfortable in the entire process, but was a bit anxious. I opened the package and could not stop smiling. Actually having the engagement ring in my hand and seeing the result of all the design consultations was amazing. No store-bought engagement ring could even match a product of your own creation.

bob and jackie

–Bob Betz

In June 2016, I proposed to Jacqueline and she said “YES.” The engagement ring sealed the proposal. Jacqueline was completely surprised, as we were consumed with all of our love and emotions. The beauty of the ring only was a second to the beauty of Jacqueline.

We talked about the creation experience and it is so very special to Jacqueline the effort and thought which I put into the creation of her engagement ring. The diamond’s brilliance is incredible and has such a WOW factor as it sits on the perfect ring foundation. We are so very pleased with Vanessa. We will be deciding upon our wedding bands and we look forward in Vanessa’s next creations.

Please do not hesitate to choose Vanessa. Talk with her and you will immediately understand.

Meet Vanessa Nicole

√ She has educated over 1 million people about how to create their dream engagement ring via educational YouTube videos.

√ The #1 bestselling author of ‘The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring’.

√ A Master Diamond Setter who began as an apprentice to a Russian master jeweler.

√ She has earned a perfect 5 star online rating from past clients.

If you are in San Diego, contact us or make an appointment to visit us. We also work with out of town clients to help design the perfect ring.

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