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Are you shopping for an engagement ring in El Cajon? If you’re like many of our clients before they worked with us, you’re probably confused, overwhelmed or unsure.

The reason our clients are thrilled and we have perfect 5 star reviews is because we work with each client and walk them through a process to ensure they get a unique, perfect diamond ring their future fiance will love.

Consider a Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

Master Diamond Setter and Ring Designer, Vanessa Nicole, works with each client and walks them through a process, looks at photos and asks them questions about their future fiance’s tastes, lifestyle and sense of style. From there, she creates a set of designs for you to select before creating the ring.

You may be thinking that a custom made ring is much more expensive than one that is store bought. But actually, traditional retail stores have a high overhead and have to pay high sales commissions. Whereas, you get much more value from one of Vanessa’s custom made rings because she personally sources a high quality diamond for you that has the most sparkle for value.

Vanessa’s craftsmanship ensures that you don’t get the design flaws you may see in a lot of mass produced jewelry store rings. The best part is how much your fiance will appreciate the time and effort you took to design a ring especially for her.

chris and rachel kohel

Chris & Rachel

Chris & Rachel’s Custom Engagement Ring Experience

“First, this review is WAY overdue… Second, I signed up for Yelp for the sole purpose of reviewing Vanessa Nicole Jewels.

The way I heard about VNJ is through the recommendation of my buddy Joe…now if you have a buddy Joe and he tells you that there’s no other place to go than VNJ, you listen to your buddy Joe! With that in mind, I personally don’t have any other ring places to comare, but going to VNJ was definitely the right decision. I knew that I didn’t want to go to some retailer and hand over a bunch of cash for some ring that was another person’s vision. I wanted it to be personal and special and that’s exactly what we got.

Let me set the scene…it’s two weeks before our anniversary and my soon-to-be-parents-in-law are in town visiting. I’m a little old fashioned and wanted to ask her dad’s permission. On the way to the airport I secure the blessing from both mom and dad…step on check! Now I need a ring, but time is a’ wasting. So as I mentioned I call my buddy Joe, “dude…where did you get that sweet ring for your wife, I remember you had a great experience?” Joe says, “go to Vanessa, don’t bother with anyone else.”

Sapphire Three Stone Ring

Chris & Rachel’s custom engagement ring CAD rendering

So I contact Vanessa and explain the situation about the time constraint and that I would like a loose diamond to present for the proposal. I’m a geologist and wanted to her a rock because she’s my rock and that sounds pretty darn clever. I wanted to design the ring with my fiance so I only needed the center stone, but I’m obviously ignorant about such things and this is when I realize I made the right decision. Vanessa smartly suggested that instead of a loose diamond, that could easily be lost in the outdoors, how about she creates a temporary setting (to use for free) so it can be worn and it won’t get lost while we work on designing the perfect setting. Vanessa you’re brilliant! So the proposal with the temporary setting and my beautiful handpicked diamond goes off without a hitch, and we’re watching the sun set over Joshua Tree as a newly engaged couple.

Now it’s time for business. Rachel (the fiance) and I are obviously new to the ring design process and a little nervous. Vanessa greeted Rachel with flowers and then proceeded to make what could have been a very confusing and frustrating process really a lot of fun. She was easy to work with on everything from going over multiple accent sapphires to looking at different settings to make sure we stayed within our budget. Vanessa was upfront, patient, understanding, and very quick to respond to our many e-mails as questions came up. We really felt like we were working with an old friend. Also, getting to see the ring in a 3-D CAD rendering before pulling the trigger was HUGE! It’s really a big investment and it was awesome to see what the ring was going to look like before making the final decision.

In truth when it comes to buying an engagement ring there are a lot of options out there. If you want to just walk in to a store and walk away with a ring and be done with it that’s fine…you may be able to find some bargain and feel good about it, but if you want something custom and you want the process and experience to be special then go to VNJ. I really feel like we started this thing out in a good way…with something we created together. Thank you so much Vanessa!”

– Chris Kohel

Meet Vanessa Nicole

√ She has educated over 1 million people about how to create their dream engagement ring via educational YouTube videos.

√ The #1 bestselling author of ‘The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring’.

√ A Master Diamond Setter who began as an apprentice to a Russian master jeweler.

√ She has earned a perfect 5 star online rating from past clients.

If you are in San Diego, contact us or make an appointment to visit us. We also work with out of town clients to help design the perfect ring.

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