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Vanessa Nicole Jewels in San Diego makes custom engagement rings, wedding bands & anniversary rings!

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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Oval Pave Solitaire Ring

Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

three stone diamond ring

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Double Prongs

pear cut diamond in custom halo setting

Pear Cut Diamond Halo Ring

Custom Diamond Rings For Special Moments

Do You Know Exactly What Ring Style You Want?

Vanessa Nicole can create any style you’ve had your eye on. Not sure what designs you like? Vanessa Nicole will personally work with you to design the ring of your dreams!


Diamond Engagement Rings Created By Vanessa Nicole

Why Choose A Custom Engagement Ring?

1. It shows you put thought into it.

She has been waiting for this moment her entire life. She wants to know that you put the time and effort into finding something special just for her. 

2. It's a reflection of your love story

Every detail of the ring was created with her in mind.

3. Quality and Craftsmanship.

 A good master diamond setter will take the time to obsess over details that are often overlooked in mass-produced engagement ring stores.

If you want the best engagement ring in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and style; custom is the best way to go.

This is a piece of jewelry that she will be wearing every day of her life. It's going to be an extension of her.

It has to be comfortable, durable, easy to wear and not get in the way. It needs to look seamless and flawless. 

Watch this video to see the difference quality craftsmanship makes when designing a ring.

“Vanessa poured everything she had into making our ring, and until this day, my fiance is always asked where this perfect ring comes from.”

- Danny Abas

The Custom Design Process: How It Works

Watch Vanessa's process, every detail of creating the PERFECT ring. This is what "unmatched craftsmanship" looks like.

Step 1: Fill Out A Questionnaire
This will give Vanessa an idea of what you want to create. Some clients know exactly what they want, others have a rough idea or know specific elements they want, like the diamond or stone shape or style of ring.

Step 2: Work with Vanessa To Create A Custom Design
Vanessa will show you some design ideas to get an idea of what she might like. From there, she'll work with you to customize it to create a one-of-a-kind design. Or, we can recreate a design you already have in mind and personalize it.

Step 3: Select Your Diamond
Vanessa goes to work on sourcing the PERFECT diamond.
We don't stock diamonds, which is great for you. We won't push you into what we already have in inventory. Vanessa knows where to find the best loose diamonds and works with multiple dealers to get the best value and quality for your budget.


She sources both natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds.She'll narrow it down and present you with her best finds for you can select the most brilliant diamond she'll wear for the rest of her life.

If your ring has diamonds or gemstones that surround the center stone in the setting, she selects diamonds that match the color grade and size in proportion to the main diamond. When you purchase an off-the-shelf ring from a jewelry store, settings are often mass-produced, and the center stone is added later. Often, they aren't quite proportional in a way that really shows off the center stone.

Want Vanessa to Create The Ring of Her Dreams? 

100% Happiness Guaranteed!

Step 4: Design a CAD Rendering

Vanessa designs your ring in a CAD (computer design) rendering based on the exact measurements of your center stone and ring proportions. You'll be able to see your ring from every angle and make any changes.


Step 5: Vanessa Creates Your Dream Ring

Vanessa gets to work on constructing the ring, creating a wax model for the setting, and ensuring every detail is perfect.


Finally, you can pick up the ring of your dreams at our downtown San Diego studio or have it shipped to you anywhere in the world insured via FedEx.

Why Vanessa Nicole Jewels is Different

What is unmatched craftsmanship? Watch this video to see all the details that separate an average ring from perfection.

All custom engagement rings we design are crafted individually by award-winning jewelry designer Vanessa Nicole in our San Diego jewelry studio.


Unlike online jewelry stores or chain stores, we offer unmatched craftsmanship, customer service, and a commitment to making your engagement ring perfect!

You'll work one-on-one with Vanessa every step of the way to ensure the best experience and highest quality.


Starting from the design consultation to the ring design concept and creating the final, perfect engagement ring, Vanessa is dedicated to ensuring that each ring is the dream engagement ring for your loved one.


That means not having to deal with pushy sales staff or paying for high overhead and sales commissions. Every dollar you spend goes into creating that perfect piece.

How Vanessa Nicole Jewels is different from jewelry stores

1. A Making of the Ring™ DVD service is available for with every engagement ring, which documents the entire process of creating her custom, one-of-a-kind engagement ring up close, in high definition.

2. Vanessa is an international diamond setting consultant who teaches jewelers around the world how to create a unique engagement ring from scratch. She apprenticed with a third-generation Russian master jeweler to become an expert diamond setter specializing in micro pavé.

3. Each ring is 100% custom. You're not choosing from pre-manufactured settings and placing a diamond in it. Every aspect of the setting, including the selection of each diamond in the setting, on the band, is proportional to the center stone and matches the color perfectly. The prongs are angled and polished to accent the diamond's facets. Every detail is obsessed over.

Watch this video before buying an engagement ring from a jewelry store. 

Want Vanessa to design the perfect ring?

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Danny's Story

la jolla san diego custom engagement ring testimonial

When I felt it was time to start searching for rings, I did the usual rounds with my mom, of course. We visited Tiffany, DeBeers, Cartier and several high end stores. Many of them had gorgeous rings, but they were either far over priced, or not “exactly” what I wanted. A friend of mine had suggested contacting Vanessa so I called and made an appointment. Just from our first phone call I knew that I was going to get the ring from her. Vanessa made me feel so comfortable. I provided her with my idea of the perfect ring, and she told me she’d have several stones and designs to choose from when I arrived.

When I arrived she took her time, explaining each diamond and what the creation process entailed. We spent hours with her, and she gave us her undivided attention throughout the entire process. When I finally chose the diamond, it was time to build the ring. as the process unfolded, I realized that I was creating my own unique vision, my own dream, rather than buying someone else’s, and that alone was priceless.

Another huge thing to point out was that I was in a huge rush. My “now finance” lived abroad, yet Vanessa was still willing to take the challenge and create the ring in time. All in all, Vanessa created the perfect ring, it is absolutely stunning. her craftsmanship, etiquette, patience, flexibility and natural warmth made buying the ring such a joyous process. Vanessa poured everything she had into making our ring and until this day, my fiance is always asked where this perfect ring comes from.

–Danny Abas


Halo Engagement Rings

double halo engagement ring
round diamond halo engagement ring
Diamond Rings - Cushion Cut Diamond with Cushion Halo

Classic Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Ring - Vanessa Nicole Jewels
Three Stone Engagement Ring

Antique Engagement Rings

custom antique engagement ring with round brilliant diamond in antique gold halo setting - 3 views
custom antique engagement ring

Make Her Say Wow with A Custom La Jolla Engagement Ring

Many men choose their La Jolla Engagement Rings without care about what their woman actually wants. They make a snap judgment based on price and end up with a poorly made, mass-produced ring that looks nothing like what their soon-to-be bride wants. By seeing how custom engagement rings compare to standard jewelry, you are putting thought into it.

Regardless of the ring you choose in the end, this careful planning is what will ensure she’ll be beaming when she says, “Yes!” Every woman deserves her own one-of-a-kind engagement ring – one that is unique and unlike any other. WOW her with a custom engagement ring. Vanessa Nicole Jewels is your source for making this happen.

Enjoy selecting from all the gorgeous Engagement Rings for La Jolla Customers!

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