Engagement Rings In Oceanside, CA

Looking for the perfect engagement ring that she’ll love? Whether you’ve been searching online or browsing jewelry stores in Oceanside, you feel like many of our clients felt when they were engagement ring shopping: confused, overwhelmed and unsure, to say the least.

Vanessa Nicole has helped many clients that are in your situation and helped walk them through her process to deliver a beautiful, AMAZING engagement ring she will love.

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring, consider a custom made engagement ring. There are many benefits to creating a custom engagement ring. Obviously, she will have a ring that’s unique to her, that no one else has.

Many think a custom diamond ring costs more, but you actually get incredible value going the custom route. Because Vanessa personally sources the high quality diamonds specifically for your ring, she shops for the best value and passes the savings along to you. Traditional retail jewelry stores have very high overhead and have to charge high margins.

With Vanessa’s master craftsmanship, you get a much better quality ring than one that is mass produced.

roger and ivette's custom diamond ring

Roger & Ivette’s Diamond Engagement Ring CAD rendering

Roger & Ivette’s Engagement Ring Experience

“Vanessa really took one of the most stressful things of proposing, finding the perfect ring, and made it as painless as possible. I’m pretty OCD and she took all my wants and concerns and made the most beautiful ring. Like I’ve told her on many occasions she really exceeded my expectations. I’ll sure be going to Vanessa for the wedding bands.”

–Roger Cristobal

roger and ivette

Meet Vanessa Nicole

√ She has educated over 1 million people about how to create their dream engagement ring via educational YouTube videos.

√ The #1 bestselling author of ‘The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring’.

√ A Master Diamond Setter who began as an apprentice to a Russian master jeweler.

√ She has earned a perfect 5 star online rating from past clients.

If you are in San Diego, contact us or make an appointment to visit us. We also work with out of town clients to help design the perfect ring.

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