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Engagement Rings Tell Their Own Story – Advice For Men

How To Select Perfect Engagement RingsMen, it takes a lot to muster up courage when you finally decide to propose to your loved one with a ring from all the various styles of engagement rings. You now need to plan the perfect moment when you will actually propose to her. Is she the romantic kind? If so, she will expect you to do something memorable that will take her breath away. Remember that this is a moment both of you will always treasure, so give extra effort make it special. You will soon realize that engagement rings have their own story in every case.


Plan the Perfect Proposal Setting

>When presenting your perfect ring from all the different styles of engagement rings, it’s important to set the tone and pace. Select a location exciting enough so the day turns out to be amazing for both of you. Perhaps you could find a little B&B that is neatly tucked away in the countryside. Or you could set the mood by bringing her to a pond with a picnic basket on a warm day. Another fun idea would be to plan a vacation together and pop the question on a day where you’re in a new place that she’s raving about – Say how beautiful she looks right then and there and you want to remember this moment forever (then you pull the ring out of your pocket and say, “hopefully you will, too.)  

Novel Ideas for Presenting Engagement Rings

Getting engaged to your true love does not revolve only around engagement rings. If you are not very good with words, use pictures since “a picture says a thousand words!” Try filling up a scrapbook with old pictures of both of you together. Stick some movie stubs, or any tickets that were bought when you were both out together. Use dried flowers, love notes, stickers, or any trinkets you think will delight her. Leave the last few pages blank. Cut out heart shapes on each of these pages. Tie a ribbon lightly around the engagement ring and tape it to the last page. When she opens the scrapbook at dinner and comes to the last few pages, she should see the ring through the cut outs. Write “Marry Me,” or just watch the look on her face as she laughs and cries with joy. Engagement rings are only part of the proposal moment.  

Engagement Rings Take Center Stage

Another good option is to take her to the theatre and propose to her during the play. You may have to rope in some staff to assist you with your plan. Many engagement rings have been offered after a play is over. Depending on how persuasive you can be, you could get the actors to work out a scene during the play. This is possible if the play is not acted out by professionals but local artistes. Get your bride-to-be to come up on stage and you could publicly propose to her and let everyone see your choice from the many engagement rings you could have chosen.  

Engagement Rings with Happy Endings

The price of engagement rings vary and this should not be of consequence to your loved one. What matters is that you love her and wish to make her your bride. She should look back on this day with nostalgia and talk about it for a long time to come. If she accepts, you will be the happiest man in the world who made the right choice out of all the engagement rings to choose from, just like your new fiancé selected from among the many women in the world.

Ready to Get Started?

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The Artist’s Studio

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