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In your search for the PERFECT diamond ring, do you feel stuck? Like you’re not finding exactly what you want? KIND OF? MAYBE? We need to talk about engagement rings.

Hi, I’m Vanessa Nicole, Designer & Master Diamond Setter at Vanessa Nicole Jewels. We work with a very select group of men — those who want to go above & beyond for their future fiancé, and expect us to go above & beyond for her, too. I LOVE making women happy with their custom diamond ring, so I’d certainly be excited to take on the challenge of exceeding your expectations.

VNJ clients appreciate my perfectionism, knowing they won’t have to worry about whether or not the ring will be absolutely amazing… It will be.They fantasize about creating the perfect proposal for their girlfriend (highly recommended) and know that creating the best ring with VNJ will be easy to check off the list. They like the idea of supporting a business that doesn’t produce mass-manufactured jewelry… and they sincerely appreciate that they will not see someone else walking down the street with their exact same ring.

Ultimately, our clients choose to work with VNJ for a specific reason: I help you design the perfect setting, help you choose a *gorgeous* diamond, and turn this experience into an “I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-wear-this-for-the rest-of-my-life” reality for your soon-to-be fiancé. This can (and will) be your experience… I’ll work with you 1-on-1 to make it happen.

SO THE ONLY QUESTION IS: Does This Sound Like Something You Want To Be A Part Of?

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Lesson learned? It’s not just about the diamond – it’s about what it represents. Women were taught their whole life to look forward to the ONE moment when a man bends down on one knee and pulls out a small box with an incredibly sparkly ring inside that they get to wear on their finger for the rest of their life. There is A LOT built into this moment.

We create custom rings for clients Nationwide, as well as Internationally!

*** Micro pavé rings are our specialty ***

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Engagement Rings were used during Roman times, but the first well-documented use of a diamond ring to signify engagement was in Austria during 1477. This diamond engagement ring initiated a trend among the very wealthy since they were exclusive and out of the price range of the common man.

Before the end of the 19th century, the bride-to-be frequently received a sewing thimble rather than an engagement ring. This practice was particularly common among religious groups that shunned jewelry. In 1888, a large parcel of diamonds was found in South Africa and The De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd., began to flood the market with the gemstones that were now much more affordable. Rings didn’t become standard in the West until the end of the 19th century, and diamond rings didn’t become common until the 1930s.

Now, 80% of American women are offered a diamond ring to signify engagement. In the last seventy or so years, it was most common for the engagement ring to be a surprise for the woman. Nowadays, it is becoming more common for the woman to be involved in the selection process. To surprise the woman, her boyfriend will propose with a solitaire engagement ring (one diamond on a plain band) and then they will go to a jewelry store to design the ring together.


There are ways to determine what engagement ring style would be perfect for a woman, but sometimes it simply comes down to what feels right. Similar to choosing a common baby name – John, Michael or Joe – the majority of people will choose a classic ring style. But there are thousands of baby names out there to choose from, just like there are thousands of ring designs to choose from. It just needs to make you feel a certain way. It needs to feel… Perfect.

Classic Rings

The Solitaire is the traditional hallmark of all engagement ring styles. One single diamond set onto a plain band. A close second would be the three stone diamond ring for the bride-to-be – this consists of three matching diamonds set horizontally in a row with the bigger stone in the center representing the couple’s past, present, and future.

Classic Engagement Rings

Vintage Rings

Antique rings, as a rule, are at least fifty years old. The oldest antique rings are, more often than not, from the 1930s. However, nowadays, custom rings are re-created to look like vintage rings, but with newer, ideal diamond cuts and fresh, stronger metal.

Characteristics of vintage rings are milgrain detailing, diamond halo around center stone, floral engraving, and pavé diamond setting. The cut of center diamonds that most flatter designs of vintage rings are the cushion cut, round cut, pear cut and oval cut.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Modern Wedding Rings

Fans of contemporary art and unusual colored stones will typically opt for a contemporary, unique rings. Characteristics of modern rings are thicker bands, asymmetry, and two-tone gold. Diamond cuts that most flatter modern engagement ring designs are the emerald cut, princess cut and asscher cut.

Modern Engagement Rings

Typical “Wear And Tear” On Diamond Engagements Rings


If your diamond is to be held in by prongs, 6 prongs are better than 4, although 4 is fine and shouldn’t cause a problem. A bezel setting will always be more secure than prongs because the entire perimeter of your diamond will be held in by metal, but some women prefer a prong setting because it lets more light underneath the diamond to maximize the sparkle.

Also, if your center stone is bezel set, the metal will take the beating when you smack your hand around rather than your diamond.


The thicker the metal, the more secure it will be over time, but generally you don’t want a ring shank to be less than 1.9mm wide on engagement rings.

Grading Reports For Diamond Engagement Rings

Most jewelers will provide a grading certificate on your center diamond if it’s over 3/4 carat. Don’t confuse this with an appraisal, which states a diamond ring’s overall value. There are various diamond grading facilities around the world, but the two most highly recognized U.S organizations are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS).

Another lab, European Gemological Laboratories (EGL), is unknown to most U.S. consumers despite many of the available diamonds in the US being graded by the EGL. They are known for having less strict grading guidelines than the GIA and AGS (this means the EGL usually lists the color and clarity grades slightly higher than what they actually are)


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In Conclusion Regarding Engagement Rings

Whichever style you choose from the large selection of engagement rings, Vanessa Nicole Jewels will be happy to help you design and create your DREAM engagement ring!

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