Eternity style rings have stones around the entire band rather than stopping halfway. This makes them quite spectacular and visually stunning. The continuous stream of stones are meant to symbolize a never ending love or commitment. Because of their symbolic meaning, eternity rings are predominately used as wedding bands or for anniversary rings. They are not typically used for engagement rings. The best option to achieve the look of an eternity engagement ring going side to side on your finger is having diamonds only cover half or 3/4 of the shank – not the entire band. Here’s why…

Eternity Engagement Ring

Eternity Engagement Ring Disadvantages

Cost – Having diamonds go all the way around the band adds to the overall carat weight of the ring. Therefore, the cost will be higher, which takes away more of your budget from the center stone. However, with diamonds only covering half or 3/4 of a band, the overall cost is lower since you’re using a smaller quantity of diamonds.

Re-sizing – When you have diamonds halfway or 3/4 down the band, it provides the flexibility and option to re-size without any issues. This is because material can easily be added or removed from the base of the shank. With an eternity engagement ring, it’s much more difficult to re-size the band because doing so affects the structure of the ring. Also, it usually costs a lot more to re-size an eternity ring versus a ring that only has metal on the bottom. Many jewelry stores won’t even offer to re-size it due to possible complications. So if you insist on sizing up, be prepared to add a diamond or two. If you size down, you may have to lose a diamond. Doing either could be potentially disastrous.

Durability – Keep in mind that virtually everything you touch with your hand will come into contact with the bottom half of your ring. So if there are diamonds there, chances are you may have chips on them within 5 years. With only half or 3/4 of the band covered, that risk is reduced. When it comes to wedding bands, it spins on your finger regularly since there isn’t a defined “top” like there is on an engagement ring. Therefore, the diamonds won’t hit as often on the exact same spot. This is why wedding bands more commonly are made with the eternity style.

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