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Frequently Asked Questions


​How long does a custom engagement ring take to make?

​How much time on my part do I need to invest?

​How does the process work?

​I do not live in San Diego. How does that work with the design process?

I've had so-so experiences with jewelry stores and am admittedly dreading the idea of doing this all wrong. How is your company different?

​What do custom engagement rings typically cost?

​What is the investment for the Making of The Ring™ video?


​Do you supply the diamond for my ring?

​Can you easily guide me to choose the best diamond?

​I may be tempted to purchase an "internet diamond" …

​I am not sure if I am ready to commit yet. Can we still do a Diamond Selection?

​After we finalize the design and do the Diamond Selection, how long do I have to make a decision?

​What goes into the price of a diamond?

​Do you sell clarity enhanced or laser drilled diamonds?

​Are your diamonds Conflict-Free?

​How can I judge clarity?

​Why are there no A, B, C color grades?

​What's a Certified Diamond?


​What Methods of Payment do you accept?

​Do you offer Financing?

​How do I insure my ring?

​What if I don't know what ring style is perfect for her?

​How do I find out her ring size?

​Can we have the ring resized if necessary?

​Is it okay that my girlfriend will be involved in picking out her ring?

​What's an Appraisal?

​Will I be charged Sales Tax?


​Do you make matching wedding bands?

​Do you also offer men's wedding bands?


​What is your return policy for the ring setting?

​What is your Warranty for the ring setting?


​How will my order be shipped?

​What if the package is damaged upon arrival?

What If I Am Outside of the USA?

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