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What To Consider When Designing The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring

What To Consider When Designing The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring

You have it all figured out. You know when and where you want to pop the Cushion Cut Engagement Rings - Vanessa Nicole Jewelsquestion. Now, all you need is the perfect engagement ring that is worthy of the special woman in your life’s finger.

Custom Engagement Rings  are considered the perfect way to show your very special woman that you actually put thought into searching for the ring of her dreams. A number of men might prefer to purchase engagement rings from one of the big chain jewelry stores, which often put out tons of the same ring and distribute them throughout the world. But would you really like to get her a ring that lots of other females also have already? If you would like to win her heart with a genuinely distinct creation, then make sure you absolutely seek out the perfect custom ring.

The available choices of engagement rings may be overwhelming for the about-to-be-engaged. True, there are a lot of options, but after you’ve been looking for a while, you may find that the rings you see all start to look the same.  Let’s go beyond the round solitaire.

If you’re looking for something truly different, here are some ways you can have an engagement ring that stands out from the rest.  

Find The Right Jeweler

When created by a proficient, attentive jeweler, custom engagement rings grant a distinctive element and awareness to detail you really cannot acquire from a piece of jewelry that’s fabricated on an assembly line. Don’t forget that the moment you propose will become one of the greatest times in her life. This can be your chance to let her know that you wanted this moment to be truly one-of-a-kind.

A fantastic reason to consider custom engagement rings is that you will be provided with personal support from a jeweler who actually wants to assist you in selecting the ring of her dreams. Contrary to a salesperson who is just trying to make the highest profit they can, a custom-ring designer will provide light throughout the fun process, make you feel comfortable, and ensure that your ring will just be perfect.

Beautiful Radiant Cut Ring for Sewit

A Design Unique to Her

One of the best ways to find an engagement ring she will want to wear for a lifetime to come is paying attention to her current tastes.

What jewelry does she wear often? Is it big and flashy or does she tend to stick to more simplistic designs? Does she prefer a brushed antique style or something with a more modern touch?

If you are still having trouble making a decision, enlist the help of one of her friends or a close family member. Nobody will know her jewelry preferences better than her best friend.

The Perfect Precious Metal

Many women have a particular precious metal that they prefer. You can quickly determine what hers is by taking a peek into her jewelry box.

Yellow, White, and Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold is the most traditional type of gold used. However, white gold and rose gold have recently been making a larger appearance lately.

If her style tends to lean towards classic or vintages looks, you may want to consider a yellow or rose gold. White gold gives off a more modern appearance and is less costly than platinum.

You should easily be able to tell the difference between these three based on color alone even if you don’t consider yourself a jewelry guru. Each will have a karat marking on the inside of the band.

Silver Engagement Rings

You can tell if her jewelry is made of silver in several ways. The quickest way to decide if it’s in fact silver is to see if there are any tarnishes on the item. If so, it’s most likely silver. Platinum and white gold are stronger and don’t tarnish.

If you are still unsure, check if the item has precious gemstones stones set in it. Most jewelers will not bother setting stones such as diamonds in a silver piece.

Silver can also be identified with a stamp of either ‘STERLING,’ or notations similar to ‘925’ or ‘925/1000.’

Platinum Engagement Rings

double row cushion halo engagement ring
Platinum can look very similar to both silver and white gold. However, there are a couple of ways you can determine if her jewelry box contains platinum.

Unless an item is extremely old or made in a foreign country that does not use markings platinum should be easily identified. With a quick glance around you should notice a ‘PT,’ ‘Pt,’ or ‘Plat’ marking.

You may want to consider choosing a platinum engagement ring if your sweetheart likes a simple or modern style ring. Platinum is also a good option if most of the jewelry in her collection are silver.

Two-Tone Engagement Rings

Two-toned rings are relatively popular. If you notice many your girlfriend’s jewelry items are made of two or more precious metals, you might want to think about giving her an engagement ring similar.

A customized two-tone ring coordinated with her favorite precious metals will truly be a one-of-a-kind surprise.

Evaluating The Quality Of A Diamond

The next step toward finding an engagement ring that is different from the rest is to learn about the central feature of most engagement rings: the diamond. The basic grading system for diamonds was developed by GIA and is based on four attributes. They are:

Color – a completely colorless diamond typically receives the highest rating for color. Traditionally, the best diamonds have no color at all.

Cut – the cut of a diamond is what helps it sparkle. Sometimes confused with the diamond’s shape, the cut refers to the facets that are cut into the raw diamond. The more precise and exacting the facets are, the more the diamond will reflect light and shine.

Clarity – a high-quality diamond will be free of imperfections and blemishes.  No diamond is perfect since they are natural stones, but the fewer imperfections a diamond has, the higher rating it will receive for clarity. Clarity is measured by shortened forms like FL (flawless), VVS1 (very, very slight inclusions), SI1 (slight inclusions), and I1 (inclusions that are perceptible to the eyes. Every stage of anomalies has its range, for example: VVS1 and VVS2. As you might suppose, an impeccable diamond will obvious be the most exquisite and of the greatest value.

Carat weight – the size of the diamond, which is closely tied to its value. A larger diamond is worth more than a smaller diamond of the same clarity, cut and color, but those factors often trump size alone.

Now, Shake It Up

In addition to being attributes that diamonds are graded on, these are the qualities that may make your diamond stand out from others. Consider these ways to make your diamond out of the ordinary.  

Colored Diamonds

blue diamond
Traditional diamonds are colorless, but colored diamonds are becoming more popular. In fact, some of the rarest diamonds in the world are not clear at all. The Hope Diamond, which may be the most famous diamond of all, is a rich blue color. Last valued at $250 million, this 45-carat diamond may be a bit outside your budget, but other colored diamonds may be more attainable.  

Diamond Cut or Shape

cushion cut diamond
Selecting a unique cut, or shape, for your diamond can set it apart from the ordinary. Choosing a unique shape, such as a pear or marquise rather than a traditional round or princess, can make your ring stand out. According to The Knot, there are ten basic diamond shapes: round, emerald, pear, oval, heart, marquise, princess, Asscher, radiant, and cushion. Most engagement rings feature a diamond that is round or emerald cut, so choose one of the other shapes if you want something special.  


All diamonds have imperfections, most of which cannot be seen by the naked eye. If you choose a diamond that has some barely visible flaws, you may be able to get more of the other factors you want, like color and carat weight, and still stay within your budget.  

Carat Weight

loose diamond
There are two schools of thought when it comes to carat weight. One says that you should have the biggest diamond you can afford, regardless of how clear and colorless it is. The other says that huge diamonds are in poor taste and a smaller, higher quality stone is always best.  

Other Ways to Stand Out

In addition to the four ‘C’s, you can personalize your diamond ring in other ways. Consider choosing a setting that is platinum or rose gold rather than the traditional yellow gold. Select a bezel or channel setting, as opposed to the more popular prong setting. Or, choose multiple stones rather than a single large one.  

An engagement ring should reflect the personality of the person who is offering it as well as that of the person who will be wearing it. Creating a ring that is as unique and special as the engaged couple will ensure that it is treasured forever.  

Final thoughts

The best advice when finding the perfect engagement ring for the girl you want to marry is to buy something she will adore, instead of a ring you like. After all, it will be her wearing this ring for the rest of her life.

Take your time and enjoy your once in a lifetime purchase. Make her proud to call you her husband every time she sees her beautiful ring.

Your new fiancé will relish the time and energy you spent picking out a unique engagement ring that matches her sparkling personality.

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