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Five Unique Ideas to Customize a Ring

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Five Unique Ideas to Customize a Ring – Make Her Feel Special and Bring Her to Tears


Are you trying to figure out how to make this ring perfect for her? Three words: Make It Personal.

Doing this will hands down be the way to take her breath away. Here are five unique ideas to customize a ring that will make her feel special and bring her to tears.

“Everyone who sees her custom ring compliments it, and the smile on her face is priceless.” ~ Rishi S. / San Francisco, CA (Click Here to read more Client Testimonials)


1) Secret Diamond or Blue Sapphire

Five Unique Ideas to Customize a Ring - Vanessa Nicole Jewels
We can set a secret diamond or sapphire inside the band that only you two will know about. She won’t feel it and it will be a surprise when she looks inside the ring.

Is she traditional? Putting a blue sapphire as her “something blue” somewhere on the ring (even hidden on the inside) is an element she’s sure to appreciate.


2) A Sentimental Symbol

Here are a few examples of how a few of our past clients have incorporated special symbols into their ring:

Five Unique Ideas to Customize a Ring - Vanessa Nicole JewelsPaul mentioned that the fleur de lis symbol is meaningful in their relationship, so we incorporated it on Laura’s engagement ring.


Five Unique Ideas to Customize a Ring - Vanessa Nicole Jewels Bow Ruggeri wanted to create a ring for Erina that was unique and personal to their relationship. He proposed in France where they had previously vacationed together. He wanted to incorporate something sentimental into her custom engagement ring, so we came up with a design that highlights one of France’s most iconic monuments.

The side of their custom engagement ring features the complex criss-cross design of the Eiffel Tower. Rings like this are particularly fun to create because the design is so personal and it reflects a moment in time from their own unique love story.


Five Unique Ideas to Customize a Ring - Vanessa Nicole JewelsJoe and Suzie Nawikas, had their first hiking trip in the Teton Mountain Range nine years prior to their wedding, so we hand engraved an image of the Tetons around his wedding band. This was incredibly personal for them, highlighting a special moment early in their relationship.


3) Use an heirloom diamond with your custom setting

Heirloom Diamond Customize a ring - Vanessa Nicole JewelsSome men are fortunate to have their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding band and engagement ring that they are given to repurpose into a new custom ring.

If you have this option, we can use the main center diamond, or we can simply incorporate 1 or 2 of the smaller diamonds into the custom setting. Even if the diamonds aren’t the right size as the others on your design, we can usually find a way to incorporate them seamlessly into the design.

This custom engagement ring for Mike & Nikki features his grandmother’s round diamond, and we custom created her dream ring design by secretly looking at her Pinterest page for ideas of styles she loves.


4) Message Engraved Inside the Band

Five Unique Ideas to Customize a Ring - Vanessa Nicole JewelsThis is a special way to write a short message for your love that only she will see. It also acts as a great way to identify your ring in case it were ever lost or stolen.

You can write your wedding date, the day you met, a special phrase you share together, a favorite song lyric, etc.


5) Making of the Ring™ DVD

This is a service we provide in which we film an interview with you about what you love about your future fiancé and why you want to marry her. That voiceover is overlaid onto footage of creating her one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Not only do you have an amazing custom ring with which to propose, but you also get to present her with a keepsake documentary that captures your love for her.

The Making of the Ring™ DVD is the only way to capture this experience on film. Once the moment has passed you’ll never be able to re-create the act of making her custom ring. This DVD keeps the memory alive so you can share it with future generations.

The time to memorialize the first blush of love is before you get married. After the wedding, caring for your relationship, work and children can become a daily balancing act. The Making of the Ring™ DVD captures the feeling and emotion behind that love, which may get you out of the dog house on a few occasions. 🙂 While it’s certainly not a requirement to do the DVD, it is encouraged if you think it’s a keepsake she will appreciate.

You can learn more about this service by CLICKING HERE.

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