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Gold Antique Engagement Rings

Can’t Find Gold Antique Engagement Rings?


Here’s What To Do

Gold antique engagement rings have become a popular option for guys who want to give their fiancées something a little different when popping the big question. But finding the perfect antique can be a lot more difficult than you might think – if not impossible.

The reason why gold antique engagement rings have become so desirable is because they have unique character, beauty and history – all the characteristics that are increasingly hard to find in new rings sold from traditional jewelry shops.
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Antiques tell a story. Often, they have intricate details that aren’t as present in today’s jewelry because the manufacturers deem them too costly to make. After all, most engagement rings sold in the United States today are made overseas, so that the manufacturers can skimp on labor costs. They earn more profits by churning out as many of the same styles of rings as possible, focusing less and less on quality or unique designs.

And for the most part, this strategy works for them, because traditional jewelry shops use skilled, commission-hungry salespeople to push this plain, low-quality jewelry on customers who simply don’t know any better.

Men and women who search for antique rings understand why a prized heirloom is so much more special than any mass-produced ring at the mall jewelry store. But unfortunately, great antiques remain hard to find when you’re looking for a particular style. Even if you eventually find something similar to what you’ve been envisioning, chances are it still won’t be perfect.

So, what do you do?

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Get The Look Of Gold Antique Engagement Rings: Have Your Ring Custom-Made

Before you spend months looking at hundreds of different gold antique engagement rings (potentially never finding the right one), consider having your ring custom-made instead.

Custom-made engagement rings are designed to your specific wishes, so they’re always perfect. A skilled designer can replicate the style of an antique and incorporate virtually any details you’re looking for. But here’s what makes these rings even more special than antiques:

shutterstock_221943751The story is YOURS

Yes, an antique ring tells a story – but ultimately that story is someone else’s. When your ring is custom-made, it becomes a truer, more meaningful representation of your love. It also shows that you put extra thought into the purchase and played a direct role in ensuring that it was perfect.

Truly one of a kind

Custom engagement rings are made just for you. There are no others exactly like it. It was not mass-produced, so there aren’t countless other women wearing the same ring, all over the world. It’s truly one of a kind.

Exceptional quality

Why buy an antique just because it’s “old?” When you have an engagement ring custom-made for you, you know where the ring comes from and how it’s made. By working with a talented designer, you can ensure that the quality of the workmanship and materials will be top-notch.


Gold Antique Engagement Rings – Custom-Made To Look Like Heirlooms

shutterstock_204329611 -Gold Antique Engagement RingsContact Vanessa Nicole today to get started on your dream ring! Based in San Diego, Vanessa designs stunning custom engagement rings for clients all over the world. Vanessa is an award-winning ring designer who is easy to work with and makes the entire process easy, even if you’re still not sure what type of ring you want.

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