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Jaw-Dropping Gold Diamond Rings

Jaw-Dropping Gold Diamond Rings – Customized Just For You


Gold diamond rings – that is, diamond rings with gold settings – have been a popular choice for engagement rings for generations.

Whether you prefer the more natural look of yellow gold or the more contemporary look of white gold, the combination of gold and diamonds can create a stunning ring – one that can serve as a lasting symbol of your love and commitment to your partner.

But with so many different styles of gold diamond rings to choose from, selecting one can be a bit overwhelming. Regardless of the size, shape and quality of the diamond (which are all extremely important factors that contribute to the beauty of the ring), you also need to figure out what the setting should look like:

  1. What style should it be?
  2. Which details should be incorporated?
  3. Where will you buy it?

Even if you have a “dream ring” in mind, you could search for months trying to find it online or at a traditional jewelry store.

Man Searching For Best Jewelry Store For Engagement Ring - Gold Diamond RingsThis is one of several reasons why many guys (and their fiancées-to-be) are making the decision to get custom engagement rings, instead of choosing ordinary designs at their local jewelry shops.

If you want to wow your woman with a ring that’s more beautiful and special than anything she could have ever envisioned, then it’s time to think about having your engagement ring custom-made!


Gold Diamond Rings – Why Go Custom?

It’s perfect

When gold diamond rings are custom-made, you don’t need to settle for a ring that’s just “OK.” Since you have control over the ring’s design, you know it will be perfect.

It’s special

Custom engagement rings are infinitely more special than ordinary store-bought jewelry. They’re truly one of a kind, because unlike mass-produced jewelry, no other women are wearing the exact same ring!

It shows how much you care

Buying an engagement ring should be more than just picking a ring out of a case at the jewelry shop. By going custom, you put extra care and thought into giving your girl the ring of her dreams.

It’s made by a skilled designer

Gold Diamond RingsYou may be surprised to learn that most jewelry sold in the United States is made overseas, where manufacturers can skimp on labor costs (and quality). But when you choose a master designer like Vanessa Nicole, you know your ring is being crafted with the care and attention it deserves, right here in the U.S.

It’s more beautiful and higher quality

What happens when you hire an experienced ring designer to custom-make your ring with the highest quality materials? You get an unbelievably stunning ring that’s more beautiful than anything you’d find at an ordinary jewelry store.

Custom-Made Gold Diamond Rings At Vanessa Nicole Jewels

shutterstock_197312933 - Gold Diamond RingsMen and women around the world trust awarding-winning designer Vanessa Nicole to custom-make gorgeous engagement rings (Related), exclusively for them.

Based in San Diego, Vanessa Nicole crafts each ring, one at a time – and the result is stunning, every time. Vanessa makes the process super-simple, from start to finish.

So if you’re ready to get started on your dream ring – or even if you just have a few questions – email Vanessa today!

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