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GUIDES For Buying The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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Everything you need to know before buying the perfect diamond ring.

An advantage you get by hiring Vanessa Nicole Jewels over anyone else is that Vanessa is the artist who actually makes your ring.  As a master diamond setter, she uses a proprietary diamond setting technique to maximize sparkle on each custom ring, which is why all of our clients say their ring sparkles brighter than any ring they’ve ever seen.

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Learn what determines the quality & price of a diamond.

Learn about the diamond shapes or what is commonly referred to as "DIAMOND CUTS."

The most popular diamond ring styles.

Diamond setting options and what to pay attention to.

What you need to know and avoid before you shop.

Jeweler working on custom engagement ring setting

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Vanessa Nicole is an award-winning designer, master diamond setter and author of the bestselling book, 'The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring'. She creates stunning custom diamond rings for clients all over the world.

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