How to Find the Best Jewelry Stores

Learn how to find the best jewelry stores, the factors to consider before visiting a store, and red flags to look for once you get there.

Talk about Overwhelming!

If you’re planning to purchase jewelry either for yourself or as a gift, you may find the process daunting; there are innumerable jewelry stores available out in the world and online. We feel overwhelmed because we want to buy from only the best jewelry stores.

Typical Jewelry Store

Typical Jewelry Store

Most jewelry stores are filled with large, never-ending display cases. If you aren’t familiar with ordering or purchasing jewelry, you may find it difficult to find the best jewelry stores when planning to invest in your engagement ring.

How to Find the Best Jewelry Stores

There are A LOT of jewelry stores out there. Which one is right for you?

Search online for the best jewelry stores and you will find many retailers who independently sell jewelry. Larger jewelry stores, such as Tiffany & Co. and Cartier, also have various outlets you can visit. Alternatively, you can choose one of the chain stores that are usually scattered throughout big shopping malls, but a lower price often comes along with lower quality. It is essential to know what to look for when deciding on the best jewelry stores.

Read reviews from Google and Yelp since customers give their honest comments about the different jewelry stores. Consider how much you would like to spend on your engagement ring and give yourself plenty of time to make a good choice. The ambience and the treatment of customers by the staff are important points to keep in mind.

Important Factors to Consider Before Visiting Jewelry Stores

There are several aspects to evaluate before beginning your search.

1. Keep your price range in mind.

2. Allow sufficient time to make your selection. Make sure you have set aside a bare minimum of 4-6 weeks before proposing to start hunting for your ideal jewelry store. It’s not like picking out a pair of shoes!

3. Check the reputation of various jewelry stores. There are a lot of review sites such as Yelp & Google Review that offer helpful tips from their past customers. This will give you a fair inkling of what to expect from certain jewelry stores.

4. Consider comfort. Does the jewelry store, website, and branding make you feel comfortable?

Red Flags to Look for When Visiting Jewelry Stores

High Pressure, Pushy Sales People

If you step into low-end stores, they may try to use high-pressure sales tactics to force you into buying something that doesn’t really work for you.

Pushy salesmen typically urge you to make a decision while you’re there in person. They don’t try to get to know exactly what you’re looking for and ultimately only want to know one thing: cash or credit?

But a true jewelry artist will ask questions about your partner – what their styles are and what they do for a living so the appropriate ring can be created. Getting to know a couple’s story enhances the entire experience at jewelry stores. How Does the Jewelry Store Make You Feel?

Low prices = cheap jewelry

Don’t be tempted by the cheap jewelry offered through major retailers like Amazon and Overstock. If you were in 9th grade and you wanted a quick gift for your girlfriend, then perhaps this jewelry would do. But otherwise, you’ll be stuck with poor-quality jewelry made with cheap or faux materials – not real gold or diamonds. Your woman deserves better!

Inflated price tags

Jewelry Stores – Vanessa Nicole Jewels

On the flip side, some of the big chain jewelry stores online are also known for wildly inflating their prices – and charging even more than what they offer in their brick-and-mortar shops. These stores know there are certain guys who will never step inside a real jewelry store, so the stores can charge more and get away with it. In most cases, these guys are paying way too much for mediocre quality.

Mass-produced jewelry made overseas

If you plan to buy from the big-name jewelry stores online, then be aware: your jewelry was probably made in overseas factories, along assembly lines staffed by workers who churn out hundreds of the same jewelry pieces daily. The craftsmanship is often very poor. The jewelry is far from special, because it’s worn by women all over the world. And yet despite this, the prices are heavily inflated. These are the types of websites you need to avoid!

What store makes you comfortable?

You should get a happy feeling when you enter a store. Some high-end jewelry stores don’t give clients the attention they deserve.

I have numerous clients who come to me after shopping around who say they didn’t feel comfortable in the high-end jewelry stores because they weren’t taken seriously. In the low-end stores they didn’t feel comfortable because they were pressured to buy.

Should You Visit Jewelry Stores or a Custom Design Jewelry Studio?

Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages.

Chain Jewelry Stores

These are the big guys who advertise all over television and radio. Most of the jewelry is mass produced overseas so the rings may be lower quality. Many people say it’s an impersonal experience when you’re just talking to a salesman in a showroom. The advantage is there will be a large supply of inventory for you to look at.

Online Jewelry Stores

Usually cheaper than the other two options, but often you get what you pay for. Horror stories of diamonds falling out of their settings and poor return policies have been known to occur. Most of the jewelry is made overseas so there is very little attention to the personal touch or high quality.

Independent Jewelry Stores

Independent retailers create a more personal experience. Usually there is a jeweler on site whom you can meet. Even if you select an independent store that is out of town, as long as you are able to have solid communication with them, you will have an excellent experience. They typically go above and beyond to make sure you love your ring. The disadvantage is that these rings can cost more than chain stores or online offers.

Find the Best Jewelry Store For You

Purchasing jewelry is expensive and is not something you do every day. Scout various jewelry stores and pay attention to the details before you choose the right jewelry store. Debate between them. The reputation of the store is not difficult for you to check online.

No matter which jewelry stores you ultimately choose to visit, as long as they make you feel comfortable and are able to offer what you’re looking for, you’ll have a great experience.

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