We Don't Just Sell Diamond Rings, We Make Them

Vanessa has access to sourcing the perfect diamond just for you so you don't have to settle for what's in stock, which is common at traditional jewelry stores. We have diamond sources that specializes in various shapes, so if you are looking for a Cushion, we know who has the best Cushions. If you're looking for an Oval, we know who has the best Ovals. Same for all shapes.

If you're new to buying diamonds, read our guides for everything you need to know before you make this significant purchase.

diamond 4cs

Learn the 4 C's of a diamond.


How to avoid buying conflict diamonds.

diamond cut

Why the proper cut of a diamond is the most important factor.

ring designs

Watch videos to see how different carat weights look on the hand.

Want Vanessa to create your diamond ring?

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