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What does a 1.50ct Diamond look like vs. a 2.0ct Diamond?

Nearly all of my clients request diamonds that have the “Best value for size, sparkle & brownie points.”

Below are 3 videos showing a range in diamond sizes between 1.50ct up to 2ct. (Watch toward the end where it shows how the diamond size looks on a finger for proportion.) The visual difference between a 1.50ct to a 1.60ct is not incredibly significant. You won’t notice a huge difference between diamonds sizes unless you go up at least a half size.

For example, going from a 1.50ct to a 2.0ct, or a 1.75ct to a 2.25ct.

Some men have a flexible budget and prefer to see how big stones look on the finger first, in which case, these videos below will be incredibly helpful to distinguish the size differences.

1.50ct Diamond


1.60ct Diamond


2.00ct Diamond

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