• Every diamond we provide is Conflict-Free, so you can rest easy knowing it didn’t have a “rocky” start
  • Each diamond we choose for you to look at has MAJOR sparkle & brilliance so it can be seen from across a room on her finger
  • We offer highly competitive prices with a personalized Diamond Selection service at no additional charge

I know choosing a diamond can be confusing for clients since pricing with relation to their grades has so many variables, however my job is to make it easy for you by doing all the hard work sifting through dozens of options to provide you with an awesome selection to choose from.

To make the process even easier, I’ve also compiled some valuable information below to guide you in your diamond education.

How We Source Diamonds for Clients

Vanessa Nicole Jewels doesn’t keep an inventory of diamonds because this allows us to seek out the best possible diamond based on your desires rather than be forced to just sell what we own like traditional jewelry stores.

We first look through a large database of hundreds of options to cull it down to our favorite twelve, then talk to each dealer about the unique qualities of the diamonds in order to determine which ones we’ll want to see in person.

Then I personally select the top 2-3 diamonds for you to make your selection from. We’ve never had a client dissatisfied with their choice because we provide you with the very best quality diamonds to choose from at the best prices possible.

Knowing your desired max investment for the ring, we’ll show you several diamonds in a range below and up to this number.

First, Choose Your Diamond Shape

Below is an explanation of the 4 C’s – Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat

(The jewelry industry uses this to determine a diamond’s value)


Because a colorless diamond, like a clear window, allows more light to pass through it than a colored diamond, colorless diamonds emit more sparkle and fire. The formation process of a diamond ensures that only a few, rare diamonds are truly colorless. Thus the whiter a diamond’s color, the greater its value.

Diamonds graded 'G-I' show virtually no color that is visible to the untrained eye. Unless requested otherwise, Vanessa Nicole Jewels only offers diamonds with 'D–J' color.



Diamonds that are cut either too deep or shallow can lose light through the sides/bottom, will be less brilliant and, ultimately, of less value. Well-cut diamonds reflect light like a mirror from one facet to another and reflect this light through the top of the stone – This results in a brilliant and fiery radiance!

Frequently, some diamond cutters will compromise on the cut of the diamond in an attempt to optimize a diamond’s carat weight. This result is a larger diamond with a more dull appearance. I guarantee that we only offer the most brilliant looking diamonds.

But if you’re concerned with having a larger diamond and only have a limited budget, there are ways to design your ring to visually provide a larger appearance on her finger. Just ask us – we’ll show you how!


The price of a diamond does not double for each doubling of the carat. In other words, a 2 carat diamond does not cost twice as much a 1 carat diamond. The cost of a diamond increases exponentially with an increase in weight. This is because larger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds and the rarity increases the value of a larger diamond.

Courtesy of the Gemological Institute of America and diamondeducation.net

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Why Quality Matters

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