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When working with a designer who will custom-make your jewelry, there is virtually no limit to the number of diamond ring designs that can be produced. But one of the most important factors that will contribute to the look of your ring is the cut of the diamond. 

At Vanessa Nicole Jewels, we don’t keep an inventory of diamonds at our San Diego design studio. Jewelry stores who buy large quantities of diamonds are under great pressure to sell their inventories as fast as possible. That’s why they use commission-based sales people who are very good at pushing customers toward particular diamond ring designs, regardless of what clients actually want. We don’t operate like that.

When you have your ring custom-made, Vanessa Nicole personally visits several diamond dealers to view dozens of diamonds in order to create a gorgeous selection for you to choose from, based on the styles and cuts you specify in your Dream Ring Questionnaire.

Diamond cuts are available in a variety of shapes and styles. Below is a list of some of the most common styles and brief descriptions of each to help you narrow down your options. And keep scrolling to check out our videos of the Diamond Selections we use to serve clients all over the world.


Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Selection for Lael

Cushion cut

Also sometimes referred to as an “antique” cut, this popular style has a pillow-like shape and is typically a square or rectangle with rounded edges or a slight oval shape at the ends. Learn more...

Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Selection for Lael

Round cut

Round cut diamonds are among the most popular for diamond ring designs. They feature a classic round shape and stunning brilliance (making it extremely popular for engagement rings as well). Learn more...

Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Selection for Lael

Princess cut

A princess cut diamond is typically perfectly square, though sometimes has a rectangular shape. The brilliance of its numerous facets is similar to that of a round cut. Learn more...

Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Selection for Lael

Oval cut

An oval diamond features an oval shape, which many believe creates the illusion of having longer fingers (a preference for women with small hands).  Learn more...

Emerald cut

Emerald cut diamonds are marked by their classic rectangular shape and cropped corners. The cut is also sometimes referred to as a step cut, because its edges feature flat, ascending levels like the steps of a staircase.  Learn more...

Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Selection for Lael

Pear cut

Pear cut diamonds are like a mix between oval and marquise cuts. One end of the diamond is rounded, while the other is pointed, creating a tear-drop like shape.  Learn more...

Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Selection for Lael

Marquise cut

A marquise cut diamond has a similar shape to oval cuts on the sides, except the ends are pointed, giving it an even more unique style. 

emerald cut diamond ring

Radiant cut

Radiant cut diamonds offer the brilliance of round cuts, combined with a square or rectangular design that’s similar to the emerald shape.  Learn more...



Scott's reaction after receiving his diamond:

"Holy. Freaking. Cow.  That thing is beautiful! Can’t thank you enough for curating so many diamonds so I could choose the perfect one. And I could have gone with either one. Very happy with my selection!!! Thanks!"  –Scott K.

Cushion Cut Diamonds Ring Selection For Brandon
Cushion Cut Diamonds Selection For Joffre
Pear Cut Diamond Ring Selection For Neal
Round Diamonds Ring Selection for Amy
Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring for Cliff
Cushion Cut Diamond Selection For Cliff
Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring for Cliff
Diamond Ring Selection for Jonathan
Custom Diamond Engagement Ring for Erick
Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Selection for Ryan
Cushion Cut Diamond Selection - Vanessa Nicole Jewels
Princess Cut Diamonds Ring for Adam
Cushion Cut Diamonds Ring for James
Cushion Cut Diamonds Ring for Elizabeta
Cushion Cut Diamond Selection for Chris
Asscher Cut Diamond Ring Selection for Lael

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