Every jeweler has seen radiant cut diamonds that look good on the GIA report, but not in person. In-store jewelers get the first pick of diamonds.... Where do you think the others end up? That's a large part of what online retailers bank on. Some stones simply don't display as well as you think they should.

This page will outline incredibly important tips to ensure you choose a Radiant Cut Diamond that MAXIMIZES SPARKLE!

TIP: Radiant cut diamonds have the advantage of appearing larger due to their elongated shape.  Radiant cuts come in various ratios, so you can determine if you prefer more body to the diamond, or if you prefer it to be more elongated like the one in the video below:

The main different between Radiant Cuts & Emerald Cuts is the faceting style explained in the video below:

Below are a few examples of Radiant Cut Diamond Size & Qualities. We will create your own personalized Diamond Selection for your custom ring.

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